Three Looks From Revlon's New Shadow/Liner Duo That I Thought Was A Nail Art Brush

It’s a cream eye shadow on one side and a glitter liner on the other. Now that I could get into! Probably.
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April 2, 2015
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I’m sure you guys have seen those little double-ended nail art brushes from Revlon that come with a nail color on one end, and a glitter top coat with a little detailing brush on the other. Cute, right? I never picked one up since I’m actually surprisingly good at nail art all on my own, because god forbid I’d have any real world skills. But they work pretty well from what I’ve seen.

I’m also pretty excited about the packaging. A double-ended brush with a polish on each side is such a great idea, and perfect for throwing in your bag just in case you chip a nail on the go or want to do your friend’s nail on a bar patio or whatever.

As cool as I think these little joints are, though, I tend to overlook them when I’m haunting the drugstore because, as I said, they’re not really my jam. That’s why it took me a minute to realize that Revlon had released a product with the same packaging, but for eyes!

Revlon Photoready Eye Art Lid + Lash + Line, $8.99.

It’s a cream eye shadow on one side and a glitter liner on the other. Now that I could get into! Probably.

Can I just say something? Cream eye shadows are the truth. I basically prefer cream or liquid formulas over powders any day, for any product, but with eye shadows especially because I’m terrible with eye shadows and creams are usually (usually) easier to work with.

That said, where are all of the drugstore cream eye shadows? There are so many types of products that need to be in drugstores in place of all that shit that nobody buys, and cream shadows are near the top of the list. That’s one big reason I picked this up in the first place.

Anyway, I copped one of these little duos because I knew it was a great idea in theory, but I wanted to see if the product was actually usable.

So let’s start with the product itself:

The Cream Shadow: So this stuff is actually so great. It applies smoothly and gives you great coverage and opacity from the jump. Some cream shadows are too sheer, or even watery, making them difficult to apply and even worse to wear all night. Revlon’s stays where you put it, without flaking or moving around once it dries. You’re going to have the best results if you use a primer, but that’s just a general rule.

The Glitter Eyeliner: I love glitter eyeliners because they are just so extra. There is absolutely no subtle way to wear a glitter liner, nor should there be. Glitter liners are the easiest way to tell the world that you came to party without saying a word.

As glitter eyeliners go, Revlon’s is actually pretty impressive. The small brush leaves behind a noticeable trail of glitter upon the first application, when gone over again, you’ve got full coverage. You have to use a light touch and a careful hand because you’re essentially working with loose glitter suspended in a gel base, but once you get a feel for it, it’s a breeze. What I liked most about this is when it dried, it was set to go. I didn’t have to worry about loose glitter falling from my eyes (or into my eyes.)

But how does one utilize both products on their eyes? I messed around with it for a minute to come up with three wearable ways to use the Revlon Photoready Eye Art Lid + Lash + Line.

For starters, I did a pretty basic ~look~ just to get a feel for how this would all apply. I covered my lids with the cream shadow from the lash line, stopping at the crease. Taking the applicator which is pretty much exactly the same as a lip gloss wand, or a “doe foot” (weird/ew) I put down the cream shadow right above my lash line, a tapping with the pads of my ring finger to spread it around. After two rounds of that, my lids were covered with even, opaque color.

The cream shadow is very iridescent and reflective and looked amazing on my lids. I usually hate any beauty product that is at all iridescent, but this was so pretty! It went on like a dream, and would have looked great all on its own.

Then I snagged the liner and applied it right above my lashes. This all felt very, like, 1960s go-go dancer, which is not a look I go for but one that I will embrace. Like I said, with a steady hand and just a bit of patience, you’ll have yourself a perfect line of glitter in no time.

NEXT, I was inspired by this look that my girl crush/Instagram muse Alyssa did over on Vain a while back, but make it a little more dramatic because I love drama.

I actually left the shadow out of this one entirely because I really wanted to put that glitter liner to work. I used Eyeko’s Eye Do Liquid Liner which has a fine-tipped felt applicator to draw a big fat hollow wing on the side of my eye, which I then went back and filled in with the glitter.

I sort of expected this to be a no-go, but the glitter applied with surprising precision and stayed right where I put it.

You really don’t have to work hard at building up the glitter to get the payoff that I did. As long as you stay inside the lines, it basically does the work for you.

Last, I wanted to play around with the lower lash look that I yanked from Refinery29 a few weeks back. Since so many of you said it the lower lids would probably look better with warmer colors, I wanted to give it a try.

Not that the first two rounds were hard, but I expected this look to be effortless. Not so.

Apparently, my lower lashes are just long enough to make applying the cream shadow to my lower lids a real pain. That on top of the fact that my eyes were pretty sensi after messing around with shadow and liner for half an hour, they were giving me a firm “can you not?”

But I persevered. I dragged the applicator just below my water line and patted the shadow down to diffuse it and blend it down. Then, worked the glitter liner from the outer edge for a little wing all its own, without the help of the black liner for an outline. Even though this wing is a little more subtle, the glitter liner still does a nice, defined wing, without any help of an outline for definition.

Overall, I'm really stoked about how well this product works, and wouldn't hesitate to pick it up in more colors now that I know how great it is. Have you used it before? How do you feel about cream eyeshadows, and which is your favorite? What about glitter liners? What products do you want to see more of in drugstores? (HIGHLIGHTERS) Tell me everything in the comments!

Tynan is glittery on Twitter @TynanBuck.