This Week In My Super Fun Anti-Aging Adventures

Can changing my bedding prevent wrinkles? I'm sure willing to try. Also, a gadget or two.
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November 11, 2013
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As I've mentioned many times, I recently turned 38 and suddenly started feeling my age differently than in the past. And now you get to follow me (and perhaps get annoyed by me) in my quest to retain the remaining youthfulness of my skin.

Please know that I do believe that getting older is a great thing -- I've lost many friends way too soon who don't have the privilege. I'm very grateful for the (mostly) excellent life that I live but I don't think that means I have to relinquish the right to keep my skin looking young.

And I don't want to look like a teenager -- I truly want some of my life to show on my face. But maybe just not ALL of it. Plus, it's not like I think my skin looks like a weathered old leather bag. I just want to keep it soft and supple and a little less wrinkly. Is that so wrong? I say, no.

So here's the latest on what I'm using. Suggestions for new stuff to try are welcome as always.

I'm still (sort of) convalescing with my stress fractured foot which gave me a perfect excuse to sit in my apartment all weekend and finally catch up with the rest of the world by marathoning the rest "Breaking Bad".

Seriously, as a pop culture junkie I felt real sadness over being left out of the conversation surrounding the final season. I will never ever let this happen again. But HOLY SHIT is it intense to watch hours and hours and hours of that show in a row. And yes it's brilliant and I don't know why I didn't watch it in the beginning. But at least now I can fully re-engage with the world.

But every once in a while I needed to take breaks. On one of these breaks I decided to get my bathroom organized. Doesn't my product shelf look pretty?

I felt like Monica on "Friends" when they talk about her towel breakdown ("guest", "fancy guest", etc) because there are sections for daily skin, special skin, daily hair, hair treatment, travel-size, utility products -- and that doesn't even take into account the two storage drawers.

While doing this re-org, I found a product treat I'd forgotten about: Kate Somerville DermalQuench Liquid Lift.

Kate is an LA-based facialist to lots of A-list celeb types like Jessica Alba and Debra Messing who's known for giving her clients a pretty awesome "glow". I want to glow. Don't you want to glow? I know, it's such a beautyspeak kind of word but I still want the effect.

This product is an attempt to recreate one of her really famous in-office treatments where she pumps your skin full of oxygen, vitamins, and plumping hyaluronic acid. I've never had this done but have had it described to me by friends who have. It's apparently all about the delivery system which kind of blasts (think like when someone's airbrushing on foundation) all the active ingredients down deeper into your skin.

The at-home product looks like this (I have a mini version but the full size is $95):

You shake it up and the push the button at which point it blasts out a foamy liquid. You're supposed to do three stripes on each side of your face and immediately rub it in. Then one stripe on your forehead.

I'm a sucker for gadgetry and cool science-y feeling ways to apply product -- but I won't keep using something again and again if I don't think it's doing anything.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I swear every time I've used this for the past three days, I see a little more "glow", especially on my cheeks. No consensus yet on fine line reduction, but I'm sticking with this one for a while.

Speaking of gadgets and recreating in-office treatments, I have a new (to me) toy that I've been playing with -- the NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device.

Have any of you used this before? Basically, it delivers microcurrents to your skin. Industry people like to call using microcurrents the "non-surgical face lift" -- and this is an at-home version. Small currents of electricity go into your skin (I didn't feel a zap or anything) and help stimulate and tone the skin, reducing fine lines and helping with texture.

Before being used as facials microcurrents have been used in helping to stimulate healing in wounds. Actually, when I was in physical therapy after having surgery on my hand, the therapist used something similar over my scar every session.

The NuFace Trinity is really simple. You start with a clean face and then apply the primer that comes with the device over the areas you want to treat. You turn the device on and run it over the area in an upward direction (there's a guide that comes with, but it's super simple). It beeps when it's done and you do this about three times.

I've been playing with this thing for a few weeks and I have to say the tone of my skin definitely improves when I use it. I realize it's not cheap, but it's a helluva lot less expensive than spa/derm treatments.





I mean, obviously all the wrinkles didn't just disappear but I'll take the tone improvement for sure. And long term I hope to see even more fine line reduction.

This last one is a stretch, even for me -- but I figure what can it hurt, other than the aesthetics of my bedroom? You see, I've taken to sleeping on an Iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Pillow Case. Yeah, you read that right. And it doesn't really go with my decorating scheme.

It has copper oxide woven into the fabric and as your skin contacts the fabric these copper ions are supposed to attach to the top level of moisture in your skin and spur on self-renewal in the cells. Hell, I don't know if it will work but it IS really soft and comfortable even for an extremely pillow particular person like myself.

So that's what I'm up to -- and also contemplating a wee spot of Botox in my forehead. Not like, I can't move my face at all, but just a sparing touch. I've never done it. Tell me if you have.

What anti-aging stuff are you into right now? And what TV show should I marathon next? I've seen LOTS. Olivia thinks I should watch "Battlestar Gallactica". I'm thinking maybe "Sons of Anarchy" or "Dexter" both of which I can't believe I never got into. Talk to me.