Things I’m Obsessed With That Are Making Me Forget It’s January

Excuse the terrible hair -- but BEHOLD! Pink lips!
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January 4, 2013
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January is the veritable dog shit of months.

You’re* poor, you’re carrying a little extra holiday weight, you feel like you SHOULD have all this renewed motivation and get up and go, and go jogging, but in reality all you want to do is sit on your sofa in your underwear and pick your toenails while watching the "Six Feet Under" box set.


BUT HEY! Do not despair. I have a couple of little things that have, for a small cost, made my life immeasurably better! I’m essentially a magpie dressed in tights and boots -- I live for shiny, sparkly things. If you follow me on Instagram (@Natalie_KateM), you’ll have seen that I regularly snap the new things I’ve picked up, and this post is a collection of things that have made me audibly gasp in delight and glee this week.

First up is the exceptionally sparkly dream-in-a-bottle that is Essie’s Beyond Cozy, from their 2012 Winter Collection. I picked this up in an online sale for £6, but I understand you get it a whole load cheaper in the US, and it is SO worth going out and getting a bottle.

It’s a slightly warm silver with leanings to gold depending on how the light catches it, and is completely made up of tons and tons of micro glitter. It went on almost completely opaque in 2 coats, which is basically unheard of in a glitter polish, and in 3 coats there was no visible nail at all. I’ve used it on its own, and as a base to do a quick leopard print design, using the Models Own nail art pens in gold and black –- both of which look pretty banging, not gonna lie.

Now that Christmas is dead and buried for another year, I’m trying to remember what my face looked like before mince pies and red lipstick. My rouge has been a pretty much permanent fixture on my face over the winter period and as much as I love it, I’ve been trying to freshen things up this week by working my way through my lipstick collection and re-using some old favorites.

One way I’ve woken up my sullied complexion is by going back to my trusty NARS Schiap. This PERFECT bold pink is one of those lipsticks that makes the heart beat faster, and is a real worthy addition to anyone’s collection.

What I’ve been doing to calm it down a little for the office is wearing it from the stick, then smudging around the outline (NOT outwardly, just blurring the outline gently so it doesn’t look so stern) and adding a slick of Molten Brown’s Protecting Vitamin Lip Saver to transform its matte-as-anything formula to a slightly glossy stain. The swipe of the Molten Brown balm keeps my thirsty lips happy in the winter chill, and has been the best balm I’ve tried over the winter thus far.

Thirdly, matching my Schiapped lips, is this hand cream from L’Occitane.

I hate not being able to spend loads on beauty while skint, so I find I can keep myself happy and compromise with myself by buying myself one of the lowest value items from the brand I want to spend loads of money on. Does that make sense? It does in my head.

ANYWAY –- I bought myself this lovely little hand cream, which, at £8 hurt my pocket a lot less than buying myself a tub of their body cream would have done. I know £8 is a little pricey for a hand cream –- and I love my Nivea Soft more than most things –- but having a little bit of luxury in your handbag to make you feel just that little bit more special is a lovely thing. Oh, and I just checked, and it’s $10 at Sephora, so cheaper for you guys! Consider yourselves enabled.

The one I plumped for, “Fleurs Marveilleuses,” has the most glorious scent of a wild flower garden. The perfume lingers for literally HOURS. My hands love it, and so do I. And the packaging! To die.

What little beauties have you picked up that are making these grey days a little brighter? Share!

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