My DIY Dye Job Was A Disaster, But These Products Are Saving My Hair

They're hiding my damage and healing it at the same time.
Publish date:
May 28, 2014
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I recently took a dramatic stroll down DIY Lane, hair color edition. Instead of getting the same hair dye I use every six weeks or so to touch up my roots, I had to be me and get adventurous with my coloring. I read a few blogs on experimenting with DIY blonde and pastels, so I was an expert, right?


After nearly blinding myself with bleach (pro-tip: do NOT rinse your hair upside down in the shower when there is bleach on your head -- I mean, WTF?), tie-dying my bathroom with purple splotches, nearly asphyxiating myself while mixing neutral and gold-based blonde dyes, applying and rinsing -– I turned into a half purple, half horrible brassy MESS. (And it took no less than five minutes for the purple to disappear, so it was TOTALLY WORTH IT. AWESOME.)

I dried my tears and headed back to Ricky’s for some purple shampoo and violet-based toner to cool down the copper tones in my hair. (These products worked, which further proves that purple is the most magical of colors.) But even though my blonde had sorted itself out, my poor hair was so dry, it looked more like hay than hair. And just in time for New York’s disgusting humid summer season -– I was looking like a frizzy mess.

Until -– dun dun dun -– I found some great products to help heal and mask the damage I had caused.

The purple shampoo dries my hair out, so I have to alternate it with a healing, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner system. Enter: Joico K-Pak Special Occasion Repair Kit($29.99).

This kit comes with a shampoo, conditioner and special deep conditioner that uses ingredients like aloe, vitamin E, shea butter, and Joico’s special, fancy complexes to give life and moisture back to chemically treated hair. I like to use the shampoo and conditioner every day (yes, I’m one of those) and switch out the regular conditioner for the deep condition twice a week. Not only does my hair feel like amazingness after I shower, but it smells SO FREAKING GOOD.

And the fun part about these limited edition K-PAKs is the gorgeous packaging, specially designed by Bella Pilar of Papyrus greeting card fame, which includes a free sunglasses case with the products. The design adds an extra level of whimsical glamour to the products. Oh, and you can only get the kit at the discounted price above through July, so don't come crying to me if you dilly-dally and it sells out.

But my journey doesn’t end there. My hair still needed a little love during the styling, which is why I was glad I got sent a bottle of White Sands Porosity The Fix ($19). This product is supposed to be like “makeup for your hair” –- meaning that a few spritzes before and after styling will mask away unwanted hair problems like frizziness, damage, and tangles -– much like a concealer or foundation would with blemishes. And it delivers!

This cute little purple bottle (again with the purple!) has been great for helping my color-damaged hair from looking as such. The spray works to reverse unbalance in hair’s porosity, the main cause of dryness, and restoring it back to health using natural oils and lightweight silicone. Your hair is left bouncy and healthy --looking. And, it smells great. Win-win!

So those are the products that are currently getting me out of the hair-grave I dug for myself. What are your favorites? Do you have a DIY disaster to share? Are you totally gonna try these babies out?