These Origins Products Will Help You Look Rested And Sexy At Gay Weddings And Other Major Functions

If I’m not the best-looking person in the room, what’s the point of going?
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October 10, 2013
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This past weekend, I attended the wedding of a very good friend of mine. Even better, it was a gay wedding! What a moment. It was my first gay wedding, the first of many more, I trust. Maybe one day I’ll have my own! And maybe one day we won't have to refer them as "gay weddings" and just call them what they are: weddings.

I don’t even know if I want to get married, but I’ll take any excuse to throw myself a big party. Also, who in their right mind would marry me?

Oh, come on, you were thinking it.

Leading up to the weekend, my week was filled with long days and late nights of work, work, work (and a little partying, but less than you’re thinking). My skin regimen is bananas right now. With all of these killer moisturizers and serums and eye creams I’ve been using lately, my skin looks better than ever before. And I’d like to keep it that way. But even with my arsenal of skin care, my long week was showing on my face. And you know I couldn’t roll up to a room full of my old friends looking a haggard mess. If I’m not the best-looking person in the room, what’s the point of going?

I’m kidding, of course. Also, I’m totally serious.

Thanks to me being ULTRA RESPONSIBLE with the skincare (and nothing else) lately, the bags under my eyes, dark circles, and creases have improved, so I didn’t have to do as much damage control as I’m used to. I was able to use lighter products, and less of them overall, which was a nice change. My tired skin didn’t feel weighed down with a bunch of products just to make me look presentable, and I wasn’t worried about smearing anything, or reapplying.

Let me cut to the chase.

So, when I arrived (late, like, really late) to the hotel before the ceremony, the first thing I did was whip out my Origins “No Puffery” Cooling Roll-On.

There are a whole bunch of things I like about this product. First of all, all you need is a thin layer of the gel to get the cooling effect. The roller ball is great because you can use it to gently massage under your eyes and help break up swelling while applying the product. The gel is formulated with yeast extract to help instantly combat puffiness while Hoelen Mushroom extract helps calm skin and keep redness to a minimum.

I also love it because it ACTUALLY applies the product. Too many times, I’ve come across a fantastic roll-on product only to discover that it doesn’t actually roll on. Some rollers are applied too tightly and don’t leave room for the product to meet your face, so I generally write all of them off as no good. But this roller applies the perfect amount, so it won’t leave you wondering if you’re actually wearing the product you just bought. I can’t be the only one that has happened to, right?

The tube is about the size of a tube of lip gloss, it’s way more convenient to carry around with you all day in your pocket or purse than, say, a pot of cooling cream would be.

In terms of portability and application, No Puffery is the perfect gay marriage of quality and convenience.

Next, for a little bit of all over help, I used “Smarty Plants CC Complexion Corrector,” also by Origins. (And, no, Origins did not sponsor this post, so don’t start with that.)

I don’t know about you guys, but I am OVER the whole BB/CC cream trend. I mean, they’re great, but we have been so bombarded with them by every beauty company, and a lot of them have completely missed the mark when it comes to what these creams are actually supposed to do! I’ve seen a ton of them that are as thick as foundations, and not even light foundations at that.

Sidenote: Do y’all remember that article on xoJane UK about like, every BB cream ever? Because she put it DOWN.

I remember the first time I put on a BB cream -- it was Dr. Jart on Queen Cat’s recommendation -- I didn't know what to expect, and I was immediately like, “OK?” I didn't see a real difference right then and there.

And THEN, I realized that my face looked natural, with better, more even color, and had a luminosity that looked totally natural (but was definitely manufactured). THAT’S what one of these effing creams is supposed to do. If you can use it to conceal, you’re doing it wrong. Or they made it wrong. Or something.

This cream is exactly what CC Creams are supposed to be!

Smarty Plants CC Cream rubs in more on the sheer side, with just enough staying power to correct color where you need it. For me, that was under and around my eyes, brightening and making me look more rested. You’re not going to have to spend time blending it down in the mirror or rubbing it in to make sure it looks natural. Origins has also packed their CC with antioxidants to help neutralize damage caused by everyday city living.

I am OBSESSED with the semi-luminous finish that Smarty Pants gives you. I’m a real bitch about products that promise to make you look “dewy,” because to me, that always means “shiny,” which is not it. This is one of the only products that I’ve used that really does reflect just the right amount of light to make me look natural and quite literally glowy, highlighting my face in all the right places without actually spot-highlighting. It doesn't beg the question, “What’s he wearing?”

So on the day of the wedding, I used this brilliant duo to make me look wide awake, and on the morning after, they helped me hide all of the mistakes I had made at the reception.

What do you use when your face needs a little bit of help? What's your favorite BB, or are you over them? Will you marry me?

Tynan might be engaged on Twitter: @TynanBuck.