These Body Scrubs Are Getting Me (And My Dry Skin) Through Winter

I should be using these religiously all year round, but then again, there’s a lot of things that I should be doing.
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December 17, 2013
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BREAKING NEWS: I have dry skin.

I love living in a city where I rarely have to drive anywhere (and let’s be honest, no one wants me behind the wheel) but one of the downsides to walking everywhere is that when winter decides to come in like a wrecking ball, my whole damn body dries right out. For most of the year, I’m only battling dry hands, but now that I’m bashing around town like an angry little snow bunny, I have to do even more to keep my skin hydrated and feeling, you know, human.

I haaate body lotion, have I mentioned that? But every night, I deign to smear it all over myself before I hop into bed, which is gross because being all lotioned up while underneath the covers makes me feel like a soggy, lukewarm burrito. Because I hate lotion so bad, I do my best to try everything possible that might help me avoid having to use it. Planning ahead! Here’s where body scrubs come in.

I should be using these religiously all year round, but then again, there’s a lot of things that I should be doing. Scrubs are great, duh. They help remove dead skin (obvi), improve blood circulation, stimulate cell regeneration, and best, allow your moisturizer to sink in more deeply, so you don’t have to rub all of that gross lotion all over you so often.

One of my favorite brands right now is J.R. Watkins. Are you guys familiar with them? Oh my GOD, I am obsessed, especially with their Sugar & Shea Body Scrub, $12.

I got this scrub in the lemon cream scent and it smells so good that I genuinely thought about eating it. I didn’t, but how can a product that smells this good not be edible?! That's just not logical.

So it smells good, and it feels amazing. The Sugar & Shea Body Scrub is really thick, so thick, in fact, that the first time I used it, I really had to work to get it out of its tube. It’s packed with coconut oil and melts down into your skin, leaving it feeling intensely hydrated. It’s not the coarsest scrub ever, so you wont feel like you’re grinding off your skin, just removing all of the dry, dead skin cells and then massaging the coconut oil into that thirsty skin of yours. It leaves you smelling like a frosted lemon cake after you rinse which is the real reason you should use it.

Another scrub that I’m screaming over is the Peppermint Body Scrub by Malin + Goetz, $30.

I can never get enough peppermint in my life and I think that every beauty product should be available in some sort of peppermint variation. This scrub is a little lighter than the previous one because it’s gel based, which is nice because it rinses clean without feeling like it has left behind any residue on your skin. The scrub is both a chemical and physical exfoliant as it is amino acid-based to break down dead skin cells, and has bamboo and PUMICE to gently wash them away.

The natural peppermint is cooling and invigorating and smells delicious! It leaves me jumping out of the shower, feeling like Mr. Mint, that guy from the Candy Land box.

Just, and I have to say this, because every time I buy a peppermint body wash, the sales person ALWAYS makes some wisecrack about how I should make sure to be careful when using it “down there,” because it’s really tingly, so I guess be careful while doing that. Like, I don’t know why these people think I’m going to be specifically exfoliating my penis or something but that’s not what’s going on.


WILD COW, by Cowshed, $38.

This body scrub is currently available in a set with shower gel and body lotion. I wanted to try Cowshed products for the longest time, and it was totally worth the wait. Wild Cow is made with ginger and lemongrass, which is always a beautiful combination, not only because it smells great, but it’s beneficial for your skin as well! Lemongrass oil is a natural toner, and ginger oil is warming, which is nice in the winter. The scrub smells so fresh and delicious, and I love the tiny bit of scent it leaves on my skin while I’m trying off and getting ready to brave the cold once more.

I love Cowshed and can’t wait to play around with more of their products. Oh, they all sent me a fragrance called “Horny Cow,” which is…perfect.

Okay so, what are your favorite scrubs? What scrubs should I take for a test drive? What ELSE should I be doing to avoid dry skin this winter? First one with a “No Scrubs” reference in the comments wins.

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