The xoJane Halloween 2012 Beauty Round-Up: The Evil Queen

Because the best characters in fairy tales are always the bad bitches.

This look was inspired by a couple different things. A little of the Evil Queen in Disney's "Snow White" (the original bad bitch), a little of Charlize Theron in "Snow White and the Huntsman," and a little Kirsten Dunst in the "Let them eat cake" scene of "Marie Antoinette."

I guess you could use this as the basis of a Halloween costume, or you could just wear this look every day and walk around cocking your perfectly arched eyebrows at the total idiots you're bound to encounter on a daily basis.

The Hair

I started by parting my hair in the middle and then creating little baby French braids along the hairline until I got to above my ear, secured with bobby pins. If you want a more visual explanation of how to do this sort of thing, check this video I made a bajillion years ago (a.k.a the Summer of 2011). Then I gathered all my hair into a low ponytail in the back because I wasn't feeling suuuuper fancy but if you are you can add a giant braid or whatever. Get creative! I'm just here to inspire you, okay?!

The Makeup

Every evil queen needs cheekbones that could cut glass, so I created mine by using a matte berry red blush (try NYX Cosmetics Powder Blush in Desert Rose [$6,]). Taking a fluffy brush, I started at my hairline and swept it down into my cheeks. It made it look like I have cheekbones, you guys! It's a miracle.

The lips were created using NARS' Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu ($24,, which is a wonderfully murky purple-red that is also easy to apply because it comes in a pencil.

Eyes I kept pretty bare because I wanted the focus to be on my lips, but I did powder in my brows with a bit of dark brown brow powder and a super-angled brush, and emphasized the arch with a little bit of a liquid eyeliner pen (the one I raved about here) because if there's any time to have super-severe brows, it's when you're portraying a murderous monarch.

Now go dunk some apples in poison and feed them to children. Just kidding! Feed them regular apples. They love that stuff!

Twitter, yo: @hannahejo