The xoJane Halloween 2012 Beauty Round-Up: The Nightmare Doll

This is what happens when Barbie's horrible cousin from Hell visits.

I was inspired to create this look by a doll my friend had when we were kids. It was from the 1960s and about 3 feet tall. And for some reason, it had dozens of giant brass staples in its torso? We also gave it a horrible haircut and drew all over it, and I feel like there was some sort of horrendous spirit inside that possessed it and MAJORLY hated us for our terrible hairdressing skills and constant abuse. Or maybe the doll possessed me and made me write this post.

Oh no, you guys, I'm doing the bidding of a giant, stapled doll!

I also feel I should add that while I was applying my makeup for this post, I (accidentally) broke a mirror; now I'm really freaked out and sad, and I need you all to assure me that my lifelong streak of awesome luck won't end. I mean, I chill out with black cats a lot so, whatever, maybe it won't even be a big deal. Knock on wood. I actually just knocked on my parents' dining room table. I hope it's made out of real wood or I'm going to be in trouble.

Anyway, let's get started, you little creeps. Last week I taught you how to be a vampy babe like Cleopatra -- but if you're a gross freak (like me, you can be both!), then I've got a look for you. The baby-faced doll of your nightmares!

This look is super easy and you can do it with stuff you already own, save for the lashes. Although some of you might already have them on hand because I know you're stylish like that.

The Hair

I curled my bangs under like some sort of "Bad Seed" weirdo. (Ugh she's the worst, F that little jerk!) Then I parted my hair in the middle and braided it, French braid style, on either side, securing it with elastics. Next, I used ribbon to tie bows at the ends of the braids to cover up the elastics and add some delightful charm. Done.

The Makeup

For my face: I applied my foundation as usual and set it with tons of translucent powder, like CoverGirl Professional Loose Powder in Translucent Fair ($10.58,, to give me that dusty, musty, porcelain texture that only a creepy little doll can have.

Next, I made sure I had overly rosy cheeks by applying a red eye shadow (I used MAC's Eye Shadow in Passionate [$18,]) with a round fluffy blush to the apples of my cheeks only, making sure to give the blush a cartoonish, circular shape.

I added comically weird freckles, using Essence's Long-Lasting Eye Pencil in Hot Chocolate ($2.49, and drugstores), by gently dotting a few times on my nose and cheeks.

For my eyes: I added a bit more of the red eye shadow to my creases for creepy depth, and added a matte pale blue (the blues in NYC's Yankee Blues City Duet Eye Shadow Palette are perfect [$2.99, drugstores]) underneath to give me a sickly effect.

For the spidery doll lashes, I used spaced strip lashes, like these ones by Andrea Mod Lash. I will say they were pretty uncomfortable so if you don't feel like going the false lash route, drawing on some bottom lashes with a liquid liner should work just fine.

For my lips: I first used concealer to cover up the sides and outer edges of my lips before taking a lip brush and sketching on my little doll mouth. I used Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fire and Ice ($7.99, to create a super rounded cupid's bow for my tiny heart-shaped lips. Blot and reapply for lasting power.

The final touch was to use a super-fine liquid liner (I used my LORAC Front of the Line Pro [$23,]) to create a crack in my chin. Because every creepy doll went through something crazy before they became so messed up, right? I figure some stupid kid dropped me on my head.

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