The Perfect Nude Blush And Lip Look For Dark Skin, As Seen On Lupita Nyong’o At The MTV Movie Awards

Also, has this woman ever taken a bad picture in her life?

I half-watched the MTV Movie Awards last night, you know, just to see what the kids are into these days. Also, I was multitasking and knew I didn't have the attention span to watch Mad Men. So, MTV.

The only things that I really paid attention to were Conan O’Brien’s opening sketch about getting 50 celeb cameos on the show (very clever), Rihanna and Eminem’s duet (I suddenly want a Hyein Seo “FEAR” headband) and Lupita Nyong’o presenting Jared Leto with an award -- can they just get married already? I’ve been ‘shipping them since the Oscars and Jared is clearly into her. DO IT FOR US, LUPITA, SO WE CAN LIVE VICARIOUSLY. Damn, that man and his sexy ass hair...I'd really like to...What? Oh, right sorry, I'm writing a post about makeup.

So last night pretty much confirmed that whatever price Lancôme paid to have Lupita as their spokesperson, it was worth every penny. I know I sound like a broken record, but she is just the most gorgeous creature alive right now as far I'm concerned. I'm starting to suspect she's from the same planet as Tilda Swinton.

Lupita's makeup at the awards was beautiful, not that I expected it to be anything but. She had a silvery, shimmery thing happening on her eyes -- something that I personally wouldn't try in real life because I'm not really an eye shadow person, but I was feeling it. What I was more interested in, though, was her blush and lip color. These are the products Lupita's makeup artist, Nick Barose, used on her:

Take away the shadow, and this is the perfect everyday makeup combo for those with deep complexions like Lupita's. I love it because the look addresses two big questions my friends with brown skin tones like mine or darker always ask me: (1) "Is there a blush that would look natural on me?" and (2) "What is the best nude lipstick for dark skin?" My answer: Of course, and yes, but sometimes it's about mixing a few things (like a gloss and a lip pencil or a pencil and a lipstick) to get the effect you want. And that's true for everyone.

I get why my girls need help. Nude makeup stories in magazines and beauty websites rarely include women with skin as dark as Lupita's and cocoa complexions aren't usually represented in beauty ads, except for Iman's. That makes it so much harder to figure out what works and what brand to look to for the right colors. So when I got the Lancôme recap last night with a list of all of Lupita's shades, it felt good. Like Nana Brew-Hammond wrote earlier, I wish her cosmetics contract and all of her mainstream success didn't mean so much, but I can't deny how important (and exciting!) it is right now.

Do you struggle to find nudes for your skin tone? What are you go-tos for natural-looking lips and cheeks? Sharing is caring.