The Newest Trend in Skincare Is Rubbing Raw Beef on Your Face

Kinda reminds me of the extended version of the Nads infomercial.
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November 24, 2014

Sorry if you’re still getting used to coconut oil, because there’s a new skincare trend in town that’s going to fuck with your confusion over what is food and what is face stuff even more. It’s beef fat — or “tallow” for the sensitive of stomach — a vitamin-packed lipid which has been popping up not just on DIY beauty blogs but also in candles, soap, and actual skincare products.

While animal fat has been used in such products since before you were born, it was replaced with more shelf-stable products at the turn of the industrial revolution, reports Racked. Not that you should trust something just because it’s old-timey — our ancestors also used to use intestines as condoms — but just know that this isn’t something you can blame entirely on the paleo diet. From Racked’s report:

…as the paleo diet continues to rise in popularity, a number of do-it-yourself entrepreneurs are finding themselves a lot of animal fat on their soft, supple hands and have begun rediscovering uses for what had previously been trimmed away and discarded for so long. The result? A small (but growing) number of female-owned businesses exploring this particularly old-school ingredient.”

Kinda reminds me of the extended version of the Nads infomercial where the mom talks about running to pantry in a fit of frustration, grabbing a weird combo of honey, lemon, and something green, smearing it all over her hairy daughter’s body and ripping it off with fabric scraps. (I only had access to four television channels growing up in New Zealand and for some reason this ad was on all of them.)

Don’t get me wrong — I am 100% here for recycling and for supporting homegrown beauty brands. But the biggest problem I have with all these organic trends is why pay $100 for a small tub of artisanal beef-infused moisturizer when you can just go to Key Foods and buy enough flank steak to literally bathe in? That Would be a #paleo Instagram I would like.

Reprinted with permission from Styleite. Want more?

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