The Masque And Leave-In Conditioner That Are Saving My Perpetually Damaged Hair

If my hair is going to look this stupid, it might as well look healthy.
Publish date:
December 4, 2013
hair masks, leave-in treatments

It’s been about two months since I talked about my hair in excruciating detail, but worry not! I am back with more fascinating information.

When last we left it, my hair had been fried beyond repair after my summer of lightening it and coloring it just about every pastel I could get my hands on.

Then I went over the pastels with grey for a couple of months, because while most people dread going grey, I'm trying to expedite the process.

Now I’m cotton candy pink. Keeping up?

Sorry about that face.

A while ago, I wrote about how damaged my hair was, and how I was taking care of it (or, trying to.) I love the Living Proof system I was using, but I’ve gone and flipped the script a little. I keep on saying that I’m just gonna buzz it all off at my next hair appointment, buuut I’ve been telling myself that for months now and here I sit with this fried bubblegum pink mop on my head. I don’t think it’s going anywhere, so I might as well take care of it. If my hair is going to look this stupid, it might as well look healthy.

The biggest thing I’m doing to keep my pastel hair color from fading is…not washing it. Like, at all. I know that’s gross but IT LOOKS GREAT and it’s not like you have to touch it, so we're dealing. The two products I’ve been relying on to keep me in check when I actually do wash my hair are a masque and a gel leave-in conditioner, both by Pureology’s Essential Repair system.

The thing that sets these two products apart is that though they are deeply moisturizing, they’re both really light. They’re hydrating without weighing your hair down, which is great because when you’re only washing your hair maybe once or twice a week, plus loading it up with dry shampoo every couple of days, it’s nice to not have to make it any heavier than it has to be.

So I’m in the shower, rinsing my hair with cold water and HATING it, and finally scoop a little bit of Pureology’s Essential Repair Masque and slather it all over my head.

I make sure that my ends are saturated, and leave it in for about five minutes and go about the rest of my shower business. The rich formula of soy milk and biotin helps damaged hair feel repaired and hydrated for days after. Once you rinse and dry your hair, it doesn’t feel like there’s any residue hanging around and matting your hair down, which I sometimes notice (and am repulsed by.) Just clean, shiny, hydrated hair that looks and feels like it’s never seen an once of bleach before.

But that’s not all, hunny. Once out of the shower, I towel try my hair and while it’s still pretty damp, I work in about two pumps of Pureology’s Instant Repair leave-in conditioner.

I looove this. It’s a clear gel leave-in that spreads effortlessly through my hair from root to tip and adheres to the most damaged parts of the strand. Then just I blow dry like normal (not caring a bit about heat damage, apparently.) It fortifies my dried out hair, detangles, and protects against breakage, leaving my hair looking shiny and healthy until the next time that I finally decide to wash my grimy pink hair.

Oh! That reminds me, both products are made with an anti-fade complex that isn’t going to dull the color treated hair that you spent all that money on, so I don’t have to worry about my hair fading up from pink to blonde. As long as I’ve got hair this damaged hair on my head, I’ll be using this pair of products to keep my hair looking like it has never been touched by a bowl of developer or color before.

Tell me, what do you use to take care of your damaged hair? What’s your favorite leave-in? Show me pictures of your crazy hair, let’s compare in the comments! What do you to preserve or touch up your color? I’m afraid to try to touch it up myself because my stylist would kill me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to.

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