The Hard-To-Screw-Up Makeup I'll Be Wearing Non-Stop This Summer

It's perfect for when I want to look natural without actually going bare-faced.

If you’re anything like me, getting ready for a beach day with friends can be slightly unnerving. While I don’t want to be that girl in full-on face with black eyeliner tears after one dunk in the water, I also feel totally insecure about the 100 shades of splotchy tomato that my face turns when I get hot in the sun. (People are always asking me if I’m okay and if I need water, and I’m like yeahIhaveredskinbye.)

Now that June is upon us, I find myself facing this dilemma quite frequently, usually forfeiting to my insecurities and becoming that girl with the streaking mascara at the beach. What to do?! How to prevent this without actually going au natural?

Enter: Nudestix ($24 each).

I’m in love with this line of nudes and naturals for eyes, lips, face and cheeks. Nudestix is a collection of makeup crayons that are designed to be super easy-to-use, considering the most complex it gets with these things is rubbing them on your face. They are hydrating pigments with a creamy texture, best used for highlighting your features. The pencils cover all grounds, from concealer to cheek color to eye shadow and liner to perfect pouty lips.

The line was created by former MAC product developer Jenny Frankel with her two daughters, Ally and Taylor, in honor of their shared love of beauty. This made me smile, cause I have a mom and a sister, even though we don’t develop cosmetics together, I like them a lot (Hi, guys!), and enjoy a good mother-daughters success story.

Okay, back to my beachy angle. My Nudestix turned out to be a lifesaver-and-a-half for all my super fun, super sweaty outdoor Memorial Day activities. Because the Nudestix come in such perfectly inoffensive shades, and because they don’t sit heavy on your skin, you don’t have to worry about looking overdone. These products are also really portable and have a simple application process (pick a spot, apply, smudge) – so you need not fret about dunking your head in the pool. (Just whisk away to secretly repair the damage later!)

For my day-at-the-beach look, I’m using Skin Concealer Pencil in Light 2, Golden and Bronze Eye Pencils, and Lip & Cheek Pencil in Whisper.

I applied the Nudestix concealer as one normally does, under my eyes and over any obvious imperfections like blemishes. After blending my concealer, I used my lip/cheek pencil on my face first by drawing lines on the apples of my cheeks and then blending them in with my finger. I then applied the same pencil to my lips, first lining them and then filling them in. I then applied the Golden Eye Pencil all over my lid, using the stix’s smudger to blend. Finally, using the Bronze Eye Pencil, I lined my eyes along my top lash line and on my bottom water line. With a dash of waterproof mascara, I was ready to go!

So that’s my current summertime obsession. Let me know if you try them and if you like them! Do you have any natural summertime makeup looks to share?