The Laziest And Most Brilliant Beauty Treatment I’ve Ever Tried (On Someone Else)

Instructions: shove feet in socks, watch TV. The end.
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July 23, 2013
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It may sound boastful, but I like my feet. They’re narrow with high arches and neatly-shaped toes and if I slough off the dry skin on my heels semi-regularly with a foot file and don't cut my toenails too short, they look pretty. But I wanted to see if these Footner Exfoliating Socks really delivered on their promises, so I found a man who I am closely acquainted with to try them for me.

Being a good sport and quite frankly not having any opportunity to escape, he kindly agreed to be my guinea pig. Feeling a little like I was cramming an unwilling family pet into a baby’s bonnet, I forced his feet into the gel-filled plastic baggies and sealed them up with the little stickers provided. Then I shoved another pair of normal (old) socks on top to keep everything in place, and abandoned him to his fate.

The idea behind this product is genius: it’s basically a cosmetic peel for your feet. Instead of having to spend hours laboriously filing away at stubborn calluses and hardened heels, you let Lactic and Glycolic acids do the work for you. They are basically chemical grub-munchers that deal with dirt and dead skin cells without you having to lift a finger.

After wearing the socks for 60 minutes, you peel them off, wash off the excess gel and that’s it. Five to ten days later, the dead skin will peeeeeel away (like a snake!) leaving you with the baby-soft, smooth new skin underneath and ridiculously pretty feet.

Of course the thing to bear in mind is when the peeling actually starts, you probably won’t want to be exposing your feet too much – they’ll be sensitive in the sun and they may look a bit grim while all the dead, hard, old skin is coming away (and don’t be tempted to ‘help’ it along by peeling it yourself, that way painful bloody feet lie!)

According to my tester, the dry skin is gone and his feet feel and look great, plus he was morbidly fascinated by watching the dead skin coming away. Hmm. This is definitely one to do about a week and a half before you go on holiday or have to expose your hardened hooves in sandals at a wedding or equally fancy do.

At £19.99 for one pair of socks, Footner isn’t cheap, but I really don't think £20 is much to pay for the convenience of getting a spa-quality treatment from the comfort of your own sofa, with all the snack-eating, Murder She Wrote-watching privileges that entails.

Footner Exfoliating Socks, £19.99,