The Latest Weapon In My Never Ending Battle To Boost My Feeble Eyebrows

Giving Anastasia Beverly Hills' Brow Genius Kit a whirl...
Publish date:
March 22, 2013
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Well, well, well, who would have thought that while I was faffing around in my bedroom trying to take photos of myself on my iphone while simultaneously applying a product with the other hand and pouting seductively, Emily would be writing about the almost-exact-same product I was trialling! Great minds people, great minds. May the best brows win! (Not really, Emily’s are amazing even without the product).

I’ve written before about the deep regret that I have for overplucking my eyebrows back in the ‘90s and how much I wish that I’d listened to my mum and left them the hell alone. I’ve been doing really well with steering clear of the tweezers recently (well, within reason) and my brows are starting to fill out quite nicely, but they still look too thin and sparse for the rest of my face.

I think eyebrows should be bold and strong, as they act as an emphatic frame for your features, and if you have ‘strong’ features like me, it’s even more essential. Of course, since I cut my fringe back in, it’s not such an issue, but still, I’d like to know that they are pulling their weight on my face, so to speak.

So while Emily used Anastasia’s Tinted Brow Gel, I gave the new Brow Genius Kit a whirl. I unpacked the box and studied the instructions intently. We have powder in a pot, a tiny double-ended brush and a tube of clear goop. Off we go...

You mix the powder with the clear waterproofing gel until it resembles 'cake frosting'.

Then you just paint it on your eyebrows - I tried to use a light touch and follow the natural line of the brow.

Ta-da! I know, I know, too dark right? The thing is, I think this is actually the right colour - it matches my hair - it's just it looks a bit full on in photos and I'm not used to it.

I used the other end of the brush to take off some of the colour and 'feather' it a bit, but because of the waterproof gel element, once it's there, it pretty much stays put. Also, it looks better with my fringe down.

Blimey, that was exhausting. I'm emotionally drained. The next step in my never ending search for better brows will be to have them dyed, but that's way more permanent than this, so I'm not quite ready yet.

This particular Anastasia brow kit costs £18 and will be available on from mid-April.