The Does-It-All Product That I Wouldn’t Let My Own Mother Take From Me

If you tried it, you would understand. Or maybe I'm just a monster.

It hit 60-degrees yesterday in New York City and after that brief, wonderful taste of spring, we’re back down to the bitter cold 20s. That’s right, Mother Nature, you just keep on toying with us, you sick freak.

Do I sound angry? I don’t mean to sound angry; I just feel BEATEN DOWN by this seemingly endless winter. I’m sick of my down coat, I can barely stand to look at my hats and scarves and I’m really tired of dealing with my incredibly dry skin. Especially on my hands and feet. Even when it’s not this frigid, I always keep a hand cream in my bag and desk drawer at all times because the web between my thumb and index finger is an ash magnet. I gotta moisturize constantly.

And don’t even get me started on my feet. At this point, they are decidedly R-O-U-G-H. I tend to slack off on pedicures until open-toe season because what’s the point? I don’t really care if my toes are painted if they’re just going to be tucked away in boots for four months. Although I do find pedis very relaxing – I like to read while I get them. I love manicures too, but since I’m not the type to talk the nail tech’s ear off, I get antsy. It's like I’m a five-year-old who can’t sit still.

But keeping my nails perfectly polished isn’t my main concern right now, preventing ash is. I’m always on the lookout for heavy-duty moisturizers that I can use on the go. Lightweight, watery lotions just don’t cut it. So I’m pleased to report that I’ve found a new love: Miracle Skin Transformer Miracle Balm ($36), which just launched this month.

The texture is a mashup of cream and oil and even though it feels a little greasy when you first put it on, it sinks in after a minute or two. Not that I mind -- the thickness of the balm and the sheen it leaves behind are part of what I love about it. The formula is packed with a gazillion different kinds of natural moisturizers (OK, I’m exaggerating a bit. The carton says 30); some of them you’ve heard of like shea butter and jojoba oil and others are more exotic like tamanu oil, manuka honey and Blue Mountain sage oil.

I’ve been using Miracle Balm mostly on my hands and on my feet at night, but it’s multifunctional. You can put it on your face, elbows, lips, eyebrows, cuticles; you can *butter your toast with it. Go to town! It’s great for travel, too. I tend to overpack like crazy, and I like all-in-one products that help me streamline my toiletries bag (you know, to make room for all the extra clothes that I don't need).

Anyway, in the short time that I've had this little tube, I've become attached. I get like that with stuff that really works. Luckily I won't be seeing my mom in Arizona anytime soon because I would definitely be guilted into giving her my balm and I DON'T want to do that. I got her hooked on the Miracle Skin Transformer BB Cream a while back and she loves it (they have beautiful shades for dark skin). If she knew I had something new from the line, it would be a wrap.

How are you winter-proofing your skin these days? Fancy creams? Good old fashioned Vaseline? Speak!

*I’m kidding about the toast thing. Please don’t try that; I don’t want to get sued.