I Wear Black On The Outside Because Black Is How I Feel On The Inside: The Best Black Liners For Goth Girls At Heart

Three of my current favorite black liners that will help you easily create a look melding moodiness and style.
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September 12, 2012
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No matter what I do, the little preteen goth girl with her safety pin bracelets and on-purpose mascara tears will continue to live on inside of me. That doesn't mean I can't chic her up a little bit though, and so I've moved on from smudgy black-hole eye makeup to more clean-lined cat eyes and softer smoked-out looks. After a good brow powder, SPF and blush, black liner is a desert island beauty product for me. Just a little bit along that upper lash line can define my eyes and make them "pop" (I hate that term), or make my lashes appear thicker. I can create a variety of looks with a variety of formulas, so I'm constantly stockpiling.

And of course, with autumn upon us and all the lovely moody vibes it brings, I've got dark beauty on the brain. Nothing goes better with leather leggings and skull jewelry than a perfectly lined eye, so I need my (slightly ridiculous) collection to survive.

Being the wonderful friend that I am, I've decided to share three of my current favorites with you. If you want to do it up right, you'd be wise to purchase all three and keep them in your makeup bag for any eyeliner emergencies. That is: any time you want to look like a tough bitch no one will want to mess with.

LORAC Front of the Line PRO ($23, hsn.com)

OK, so this stuff is a bit pricey but it is the cream of the crop for me, right now, at this moment (this could change anytime but I have tried a lot of liners and this one is GOOD). The applicator is so lovely, so pointy and firm -- and dispenses an even amount of the amazing formula, dark inky black without being too glossy or dry looking. If you want the good stuff, I give you permission to go ahead and splurge. You can send me flowers and baked goods later.

Trish McEvoy Intense Gel Eye Liner ($28, trishmcevoy.com)

I love this black-as-Morrissey's-cold-dead-heart gel formula in a pencil for its smudging abilities. A little bit on the lash line to wake you up in the morning or a lot smeared all around for an "I don't care" nighttime look.

Pop Beauty Ink Outliner ($18, ulta.com)

For anyone who ever looked at a Sharpie and thought it might be a good idea to line their eyes with it, I present the safer alternative. An eyeliner in the body of a magic marker, with a fine point tip so you can draw on a nice chunky cat eye a la Brigitte Bardot in Contempt.

All right, what moody makeup changes are you making for fall? Show me photos of you at your gothiest. Thankfully, at the age where I was most severe, I avoided cameras like a vampire avoids garlic, so I have no evidence.

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