The Best Bit About My Forthcoming US Adventure? Using All My Miniature Beauty Items!

There’s just something so neat about a miniature bottle of shampoo or a sachet of hand cream. I can’t explain it, it’s weird. Oh, they're usually free - maybe that.
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March 28, 2013
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Because I am a saddo of epic proportions, one of the most exciting aspects of taking a trip is the knowledge that I’ll get to bring lots of dinky little miniature travel-sized beauty products with me. I know, I need to get out more.

Why do I love travel-sized products so? Maybe it’s a hangover from my Sylvanian Family-obsessed childhood (which probably lasted until I was 13, oh who am I kidding, I still love my Sylvanians as much as ever.) There’s just something so neat about a miniature bottle of shampoo or a sachet of hand cream. I can’t explain it, it’s weird. Oh, they're usually free - maybe that.

Anyway! I love collecting free sachets and samples of things and then packing them instead of full-sized products to keep my baggage allowance for BOOKS (Kindle? Over my dead body...) So in preparation for our forthcoming trip to the States, I took a tour of my home – rummaging in boxes, baskets and the scary cupboard under the bathroom sink to see what I could unearth. Here’s what I found (most of it purloined from hotel bathrooms, goodie bags or magazines).

Now obviously I’m not taking all of this with me – that would be crazy! But we are going away for two weeks and I don’t know whether all the places we’re staying will provide shampoo, conditioner etc so I’m going to pack enough to last the length of the trip. In addition, we’ll probably need to wash some clothes at some point. (Laundry service? Probable. Too stingy to use it? Definite.)

So here are some of the bits that I’ll definitely be packing:

Molecule 01One of my two ‘signature scents’, Molecule 01 from Escentric Molecules has a wonderfully clean, compelling smell that always gets people asking “what are you wearing?” This 30ml version is so tiny I can easily carry it in my handbag. £38,

Rahua shampoo and conditionerMade with the oil from the Rahua nut which is harvested from the floor of the Amazonian rainforest, this shampoo and conditioner is amazing for getting hair super soft and nourished. I’ll be slathering this on in the tub and letting it soak in for a good long while before rinsing it out to reveal (hopefully) shiny, happy hair. Oh and Gwyneth loves it, so there. £12 for the set,

The Body Shop Super Volume MascaraWho can resist a mini mascara? Not me anyway. It’s just so cute! And we love The Body Shop.

Soak hand wash sachetsWhen Thelma and Louise where on the run they probably washed their underwear in the sink, right? And I bet they wish they’d had these clever sachets from Soak to get the job done. Probably. The packet says it’s suitable for delicate lingerie, knitwear, swimwear and even baby clothes, so it’ll definitely be good enough for socks and t-shirts. £1.75 per sachet,

A couple of posh onesHungarian spa brand Omorovicza is amazing, but pricey, so I’ll be trialling their Complexion Perfector BB cream one day to see if it’s worth buying the full-sized version. I’ve never heard of Orogold Cosmetics but their men’s aftershave balm has gold in it – fun!

Oh and the item I'll be bringing back from America as soon as I've used up all this stuff? More Crest 3D White teeth-whitening strips. They're the BEST.