Big-Ass Bathtub Bonanza: My Favourite Products For Gettin' Clean

I couldn't survive without my bathtub, and all of the wonderful products inside of it.
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January 27, 2012
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When I was looking for an apartment, one of the musts was that it HAD to have a bathtub. I could not be moved on this. Even if I found the most amazing place ever and rent was 50 cents a month, if it had some sad little shower stall instead of a bath, I wouldn't take it. Maybe that's an exaggeration, but whatever. I need my bathtimes!

I was lucky in finding the place that I did, because not only is it a great apartment, it also has a bathtub. And not just any bathtub. This thing is HUGE. You can stretch out completely after a long day and just soak and relax. And ... it has jets! Yes, my bathtub is basically a hot tub. I know, I'm bragging. But it makes me extremely happy to sit in there and chill out, along with the help of a few (OK, maybe a lot) great bath products.

I decided to compile a list for those of you who love your baths as much as I love mine. And don't worry, shower people, most of these products will work for you, too. Something for everyone! Bathing equality!

1. Herbal Essences' Drama Clean Refreshing Shampoo (around $4, drugstores and Wal Mart)

I love this stuff! It's a super cheap fix for when your hair is gunked up with too much product. No matter how much you wash with your regular shampoo, you still have a weird dull film making it look dirty and sad. Drama Clean to the rescue! This stuff gets your hair seriously squeaky clean and removes every last trace of product build-up. Use it once or twice a week in between your regular shampoo for clean, healthy-looking hair. My bangs and I would probably die without it.

2. Dr. Bronner's Rose Magic Soap ($2.99 for 2 oz. up to $59.99 for A GALLON, and most health food stores)

When I'm washing up, I don't want anything with a crapload of gross chemicals wreaking havoc on my skin. I love Dr. Bronner's because it's made of a bunch of natural oils and not much else, and it has a kajillion uses. Need something to wash your bras and other delicates with? Boom: use Bronner's. Out of shampoo? Use Bronner's. Out of dish soap? You get it. Apparently you can brush your teeth with the mint-scented one too. You can basically clean anything with this stuff, even babies! And have I mentioned the crazy-town literature printed on the side of every bottle? If you don't have a magaziner for the tub, just read this bottle. ALL-ONE OR NONE!

3. C. Booth's Walnut Shell Body Scrub and Cleanser ($5.99,

Here at xoJane, we like to smell like baked goods. If you're in the mood to smell like a fresh-out-the-oven sugar cookie, this exfoliant is a good bet. It's got scrubby bits of pumice inside of a creamy, delicious smelling base.

4. Lush's Turkish Delight Body Polish($32.95,

I'm not sure why this is called a body polish, as it's not really an exfoliant per se. What it is, is a super frothy, lathersome concoction of a boatload of rose petals that you smooth into your skin, let sit for a bit, and then rinse off for amazing rosy-smelling skin with the texture of a baby's butt (why do I keep mentioning babies?) Basically, it's amazing. I use it ever-so-decadently as a shaving cream and feel kind of Cleopatra-y afterwards. La-di-da.

5. Burt's Bees' Baby Bee Calming Nourishing Lotion($8,

Yet another shout-out for babies! I have really sensitive skin, OK? So I am basically a baby, and that is why I am all about Burt's Bees' products for the infant set. This lotion smells like lavender which is supposedly very "chill-out" inducing. I like to slather it on after a particularly long bath and hope that it helps me doze off like, you guessed it, A LITTLE BABY! Oh, and the website describes it as "a lullaby in a bottle" which is so cute to me and also kind of sad because I am not a baby anymore and no one sings me lullabies!

6. (Not pictured) A good book

You can't take a seriously lazy-pants bath without some sort of reading material. Whether it's a book you're trying to finish or an old issue of Vanity Fair, reading is key. And it's sooo funny when you're reading and go to turn on the jets to your bathtub and it's not full yet and you and your book get soaked and you have to wait for it to dry until you can read it again. Not that I know from personal experience, or anything ...

* * *

What are your clean-time must-haves? Are you a bath person or a shower person? Let's debate this controversial topic.

Sometimes I tweet about eating pizza in the bathtub: @hannahejo