The $5.00 Skin Care Tool That I Swear Is Just As Good As Your Clarisonic

Brought to you by the cheapest beauty broad NOT in the beauty biz.
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April 16, 2013
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I am so tired of hearing about the wonders of the Clarisonic skin care brush -- even though I myself own one and love it. I got mine as a Christmas gift from my momma. Even though I spend a ton of money on beauty services, I am pretty cheap when it comes to spending money on beauty gear. Those beauty editors who get free crap have it made. All I ever get to steal from work are novelty hats.

My lukewarm feelings on the Clarisonic have nothing to do with how well it works -- I am in illicit love the feeling of ridiculously squeaky clean skin that's been freshly "Clarisonic'd!" But I am always forgetting to charge it, and it's never conveniently located in the shower when I happen to be in there too.

PLUS -- my old Clarisonic DIED because I neglected to use it for a year! WHAT???? I can't be bothered to do anything every single day. I don't even wash my face before I hit the bed! It's possible I actually went a year not washing my face at all. CHILL, CLARISONIC.

And ever since I read that you really should remove the brush head from the handle and clean it every time you use it, lest water sit under there and start to smell like mildew, my Clarisonic just started to seem like too much work to use all the time.

I knew I had nothing to lose when I added this $5.00 item to my Sephora shopping cart a few months ago. It's pink -- I'm pre-sold.

Sephora calls this little thing the Precision Pore Cleansing Pad, and it gets 4.5 out of 5 stars in reviews on their website! That's because it works exactly as advertised -- it gets down into your pores and scrubs out all the visible junk, except with zero harshness.

This little low-tech device is made of silicone, so I pour rubbing alcohol all over it every so often to sterilize it. It also has a little suction cup in the handle, so you can slap it on the wall of the shower to store it. DID I MENTION IT'S LEGIT FIVE DOLLARS? The price of a Starbuck's latte.

The pink nubbies (my term for smushy silicone "bristles") on it are deep cleansing yet gentle -- I can't use my Clarisonic at all when my skin is in full acne freak out mode. But I also feel like my skin doesn't get all the way clean when I just rub my facial cleanser in with my boring hands.

Some of you may be wondering why I don't just wash my face with a washcloth, and I'll tell you exactly why -- the face washes I use aren't remotely close to cheap, and I don't want a stupid washcloth soaking up an extra ounce of precious product. Yes, face washes plural. I use 4 different hairbrushes every day! You think I'd settle for using one single face wash?!

I never, ever believed that fancy face wash made any difference -- until I got a free sample of Fresh's Soy Face Cleanser. I've used it now religiously for a year, and I feel like my skin is in way better shape then it was previously. I never have that terrible "tight" over-soaped feeling after washing my face with it. So yes, I use my $5.00 face tool with a $38.00 cleanser.

When I want a little more OOMPH in my cleaning routine, I use Ole Henrikson's On-the-Go citrus gel cleanser.

It's a little less costly than the Fresh cleanser, and the Vitamin C additive gives it a little extra zing. The older I get, the more I realize that you have to constantly change up your skin care routine -- your skin gets just as bored as a fickle teenager. Alternating between 2 cleansers and 2 different cleansing tools is working out brilliantly for me. My skin looks like it's on the flavor train to moneytown right now. (CREDIT: Guy Fieri.)

I still use my Clarisonic religiously -- it was a totally tits gift. But if it's a little too rich for your blood, spend the next five bucks the tooth fairy brings you on this little pink disc of happiness. You won't be sorry. Now that I've shared this stellar find with you guys, tell me your cheap skin care hacks.

I swear I'll go back to posting about clothes again soon. If you have a long torso like me and can't find a cute, sexy one piece swimsuit, prepare to get excited -- because I found alllllll the best ones. Coming soon to an xoJane near you.

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