5 Amazing Thanksgiving-y Perfumes You Need Right Now

I'll bet you thought I couldn't come up with a Thanksgiving themed beauty article, but you were wrong. Now check out these awesome perfumes with accords like clove, pumpkin, cranberry and booze.
Publish date:
November 17, 2014
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I’m bringing you a list of perfumes that smell wonderfully of Thanksgiving, from tart cranberries, to pumpkin, to pecans, booze and heavy spices. These perfumes will go perfectly with the flavors of National Gorging and Family Arguments Day. (I’m honestly really thankful that my family gets along so well. Historically the worst we had was usually the yearly passive aggressive power struggle between my fancy aunt, who always wanted to deviate from a traditional menu and my mother in coalition with other aunts. I’m sorry fancy aunt, but fennel and beet root do not belong in stuffing, and adding chilli to the pumpkin pie is sacrilegious. I’m siding with my mom on this one). And with that aside, on to the perfumes!

Samarinda -- Providence Perfume Co: This is all rum and spices with a hint of leather, warm and cozy and just a little drunk, just like Grandma at Thanksgiving dinner. Its spicy scent is perfect for chilly evenings and it pairs really well with your Thanksgiving feast (seriously, the clove-y, cardamom-y scent will make food taste better when you are wearing it). As an added bonus, I live insanely close to this perfumer's shop and regularly go there to buy tea, and can thus assure you that she's a really nice lady.

Black XS For Her -- Paco Rabanne: With notes of cranberry, cacao and “Oh god I ate too much,” this fruity vanilla-y fragrance is kinda young and kinda slutty. Kinda like your little sister who just discovered thongs and body spray, but also like your little sister, it’s got a light innocent sweetness that says “I still have my Barbies in my closet.” That means it’s not inappropriate for holidays with family. It’s a fun scent -- perhaps not the most mature, but sweet.

Samhain -- Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Woody, camphorous, with dark patchouli and notes of apple, pumpkin, clove and allspice, this suggests catching a whiff of the baking pie and mulled cider waiting for you at home after a walk in a dark forest. A little moodier than the other scents on this list, it's perfect for gothy types going home for the holidays. This limited edition scent says “I’m spooky, but I love my family and also feel festive.”

Queen -- Queen Latifah: Vanilla, cognac, tonka bean, patchouli and incense dominate this warm friendly wintery scent. It’s rich and cozy without being overly sweet. It’s golden, regal, and suggests a powerful self assured femininity that likes its creature comforts but never lets them get in the way of its goals. It is a scent that will decrease the likelihood of relatives bugging you about when you’re planning to get a real job/settle down/have babies by up to 65% but also doesn't make you seem chilly and unapproachable. You’re not a regular boss, you’re a fun boss.

Pumpkin Strumpet -- Alkemia Oils: This features pumpkin, Madagascar vanilla (I don’t know if that smells different from other vanilla but it sounds fancy), cinnamon, ginger and clove with just a hint of amber in a blend that smells pretty danged exactly like pumpkin pie, which if you ask me is the best pie of all possible pies (with the possible exception of key lime pie). I also really like that it’s a long lasting but unobtrusive oil-based perfume, so it will linger for ages on the skin, but won’t make you feel you’re drowning in pumpkin puree.

So, who's hungry?