The Best Halloween-Themed Beauty Products For Fellow Scream Queens

Silver glitter with little skulls, sparkly scenes of moons, castles and bats, witches flying on broomsticks -- it's all enough to make your inner goth do a happy jig.
Publish date:
October 8, 2012
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I know some of you were distressed when I mentioned holiday collections, so this is for you. Halloween isn't over yet, in fact, it's not even CLOSE! There is still plenty of scare in the old girl yet! BOO!

By now, you know that I am a bit of a Halloween fanatic. On Friday, I went to Sakura (best nail salon in NYC) and got a Calgel manicure featuring PUMPKINS, CANDY, HAUNTED HOUSES, SPIDERS AND EVEN A GHOST. Don't you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?

I like to go to Sakura because they are very dexterous, while I am not so much. But if you're good with a pair of tweezers, therearesomanyoptions for weirdo nails! Just remember to do a couple of good, solid layers of clear topcoat.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips are always fun, and they release new collections all the time. Their Halloween options are super-cute. I am a little bit obsessed with them, especially Batty For You and Numbskull! They also have How Corny, Patch-O-Lanterns, and Spun For You.

Similarly, Rebel Nails has a Halloween collection that I adore, and unlike Sally Hansen, whose nail polish strips are mostly repeating patterns, Rebel Nails take it one step further and give you entire SCENES, literally at your fingertips. Silver glitter with little skulls, sparkly scenes of moons, castles and bats, witches flying over haunted houses on broomsticks -- it's all enough to make your inner goth do a happy jig.

For Halloween last year, OPI did Pair 'Em Scare 'Em in Black Shatter and Zoom-Body To Love (which glows in the dark!). This year they've released the So So Skullicious Mini Set, containing A-Rose From The Dead (pink), Candlelight (yellow), Hi, Pumpkin! (orange) and Mourning Glory (black). The set is inspired by Dia de los Muertos and includes a selection of sugar skull decals. It's pretty cute. I haven't seen it in stores yet but it's on Amazon!

China Glaze has put out a collection for Halloween, too. It's called Wicked and while it's not exactly spooky, the colors are pretty fun. Have a look at the swatches and decide for yourselves!

Orly's Spellbound color collection is way cute. I especially like Monster Mash. Who doesn't want radioactive-looking fingernails?!

Lush Cosmetics has limited edition Halloween treats for every kind of trickster. From Twilight shower gel (complete with iridescent purple lavender bubbles!) to jack-o'-lantern bath bombs, it's an adorable -- I mean, TERRIFYING -- range that I am extremely tempted to snap up. One of my favorite items from the collection is Calacas, a jiggly wiggly skull made of seaweed and aloe vera gel, but I love the idea of Witches' Ball, a spirit-enhancing herbal bubble bath, and Ghost, an orchid, jasmine and ylang ylang shower jelly.

I have to admit, I have never actually been into a Bath and Body Works store, so I don't really know how good their stuff smells, but their Halloween items are REALLY CUTE. Could you really say no to vampire soap, spooky hand sanitizer or a Frankenstein candleholder? Even though I am afraid of hand sanitizer and secretly think it is going to breed SUPER BUGS, I wish they were still doing these eyeball containers.

Actually, I know there are some smart scientist types reading this. I see you there! Can someone just tell me once and for all whether purse-sized bottles of hand sanitizer are going to help create the zombie apocalypse?

This is the best thing Bath and Body Works have on offer, though. Okay, okay, it is not strictly a beauty or cosmetics item. But it is a Halloween house that lights up with scented candles! Eeeeeeeeee! I need to throw everything away so I have room for it in my overstuffed living room.

Philosophy -- whose shower gels I really like -- always does something special for each season, and this Halloween is no exception. If you need a gift for someone, their Trick or Treat pack includes two shower gels: Sweet Cinnamon Icing and Caramel Apple. They have Homemade Pumpkin Pie and I Love Candy Corn shower gels, too, and the latter comes as a lip shine, too! I am SO not American, I have never tried candy corn. Is it good?

I did a lot of web trawling for creepy spooky fabulous Halloween makeup releases but sadly, couldn't find much! Do you know of any? I would love love love to write 'em up if they exist!

Oh, P.S. If you don't have a costume, but someone insists on taking you to a party, you can always just wear this and call it a day.