My Favorite Ways To Make My Naturally Sparse Eyebrows Seem Luxuriant

Genetics blessed me with paltry little half-brows, but there are temporary and semi-permanent options that make them magically fill in.
Publish date:
September 10, 2014
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The struggle for us Browless Wonders is real. Not everyone was born with Cara Delevingne eyebrows, but I’ve spent the better part of my 34 years on this planet trying to make brows that simply don’t exist appear.

Even before bold brows were a trend, I had issues with mine being so blonde and sparse. I get it from my mama, who has barely any hairs from the arch of the brow, to the outer corners of the eyes, where there should be a tail (or what I call the “tadpole” of the brow).

I’ve spent years trying different brow products to fill them in, which is a great temporary fix if you have time. I find the quickest method at filling in the brows is with a gel, which usually comes with a mascara-like applicator.

I’m currently obsessed with the brand-new Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara because, on the end of the applicator wand, it’s got this weirdo circle tip that sort of reminds me of a medieval torture device.

But don’t be intimidated by the way it looks because that little wand actually gives you more control over where you’re placing the color on your brows. I also find that it really gets in there and gets all the small hairs that I would normally miss.

Brow pencils are a nice go-to, but a little harder to use. The trick to using a brow pencil is that you really have to follow the natural shape of your brow, and use short, quick strokes to fill in. Do NOT try to draw on arches in single strokes. Go light, slow and gentle, because it’s always easier to put more on than it is to take it all off and start over again.

I like the Youngblood Brow Artiste Sculpting Pencil or the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil because of their wax-like consistencies and their angled applicators. It helps the formula stick to your brows better, and the angle makes it really easy to follow the natural shape of your brow. Once I got better at filling in my own brows (for some reason, it’s much easier for me to do on someone else than on myself), I started really enjoying the Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil because of its tiny little tip, so you can really precisely draw in little hairs to fill in where you have hair missing.

I was very recently made aware that there's an Anastasia brow pomade, DIPBROW, so I immediately ran out and bought it, not paying any mind to the fact that I don’t need it, and not thinking about how hard it would be to use. Now, keep in mind that I’m a professional makeup artist, and even I find it a little difficult to use.

Don’t get me wrong -- I think the payoff is GREAT. It’s just that you have to work quickly using an angled brush in short, quick strokes to get the most natural effect. I do not work quickly any morning before I’ve had some caffeine, so this product and I are not jiving right now. If you don’t work quickly, the whole thing can turn into a sticky, tacky mess. But when you have the time and the brow prowess to get it right, it looks beautiful. Bonus: I bought the Taupe shade, which has turned out to be a great cream eyeshadow color for me that doesn’t crease. Go figure! It wasn’t a waste of money after all.

For non-morning folks like myself, I’ve personally found that brow-tinting is the way to go. Last week, I went to Wink Brow Bar, and they’ve been able to make brows appear where I previously thought there were none. Somehow, they’re able to get the color to latch on to not only brow hairs, but even the little peach fuzz underneath your brows, making them appear fuller immediately. Since it’s semi-permanent color, you’re guaranteed fuller brows for at least a few weeks, but if you’re lucky, up to a full six weeks. You can also fill them in with makeup for an even more pronounced effect.

I’ve had brow tinting done before, but this place was like a miracle sent to me from the Brow Gods. They were fast, gentle, and best of all, clean. Something about someone getting that close to my eyeballs just makes me a little happier when the establishment actually seems sanitary, but that’s just me.

I’m so excited to wake up with eyebrows, I want to shout it from the mountaintops!

Have you ever gotten brow-tinting done? What are your favorite temporary brow-enhancing products?