TELL ME, TELL ME: Where Do You Buy Your Beauty?

Some people are devotees to one store, but others (like me), are harlots of the beauty-buying world.
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May 18, 2012
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Look in my wallet, and you'll find rewards cards for various stores that stock beauty products. I have a drugstore points card, one for The Bay (the oldest department store company in Canada and seller of brands like YSL, Dior, Clarins and Origins), and a SephoraBeauty Insider Card (you guys, they give out awesome free product on your birthday if you're a member. Sign up!).

I'm kind of polygamous when it comes to shopping for beauty. While I frequently buy products from all of these places, I wouldn't say I'm a devotee to any particular one. Plus, show me a mall sidewalk sale for a salon selling Essie polish, or a chic, cult-y boutique selling hard-to-find brands, and I'll most likely purchase something. I'm a beauty addict, and I don't really care where I get my fix.

Now, as a lover of all things beauty and also all things pink, I was overjoyed when I stumbled upon Le Pink & Company Apoethecary in Silver Lake when I was visiting California a few weeks ago. The store, with its pink-painted walls and shelves adorned with antique perfume bottles and vintage beauty gadgets mixed in with brands like Butter London, Dr. Hauschka, and Lipstick Queen, spoke to me, to put it nerdily.

Isn't it adorable? [source: Le Pink & Co.'s Facebook]

I left with a gold skull bracelet (I'm obsessed, guys), a ton of incense, skincare samples from Japanese brand Komenuka Bijin, some fancy bubble bath for my mom and chamomile flower eggwhite soap for my sister that smelled incredible.

How cute is that box?

Eggwhite & Chamomile Facial Soap ($4.99,

Now that I'm back in the real world, and back to my budget (bleh), shopping for products doesn't happen very often. In between the occasional shipment of lovely products I receive for this job to review and share with you guys, I spend my tiny allocation of funds for beauty on things like Wet 'N' Wild's super-cheap polish (currently obsessed with their Mega Last Nail Color in I Need A Refresh-Mint (around $2, drugstores & Wal-Mart). It lasts for days and doesn't chip. Seriously.)

Hey nail polish, I dig you!

So, now I want to know where you buy your products. Does your budget constrain you to drugstore brands, or do you save and splurge on fancy stuff from department stores and boutiques? Or are you a fan of the high-low mix? Do you prefer to be left alone when shopping for products or are you the kind of person who can stand and talk to a saleslady for over an hour about lipstick and perfume notes? (The latter is me, beware beauty shop employees). Are there any super-cute little shops in your neighbourhood, like Le Pink & Co.? I wanna know all about your shopping habits, guys. I'm kind of nosy.

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