Taylor Swift Is Like, Really Pretty (And So Is Her New Perfume)

I have a sort of odd fascination with Taylor Swift, and this new perfume isn't helping.
Publish date:
September 29, 2011
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I kind of have a teeny girl crush on Taylor Swift. I don't know what it is, or maybe I do. She has flowing Rapunzel hair, a cute little bunny rabbit meets old Hollywood kind of face, and dresses in adorable little retro-y looks that show off her fantastic legs and make me feel kind of bad about myself. Darn you, Taylor. But I don't get jealous or cranky, I appreciate her.

When I saw her outside of Rodarte's S/S '12 show a few weeks ago, I was kind of in awe. She stopped for a bit to say hi to people, seemed genuinely sweet, and my gosh, she looked gorgeous. Flat-out GAW-JEOUS. Dressed in a frothy lace Rodarte with bright red lips and her hair in a mussed half-updo, she looked like some sort of tall, blond angel they might have prayed to on "Little House on the Prairie."

I snapped some photos and stood there like a big ol' dummy, slightly freaking out inside. I mean, I'm not the kind of person who is usually stricken speechless by "famous people" (they're just people, you guys). I am however often found to be in awe of pretty folk. Taylor Swift sure is pretty folk.

Taylor Swift outside of Rodarte's S/S '12 show, at top and above, shot by me. See? Pretty folk.

I know that a lot of people take issue with Taylor's lyrics (they occasionally smack of girl-hate), and as a feminist, yeah, I do too. But I think (and I hope) that as time goes on, Taylor will mature as a woman and move on to more grown-up themes.

In the mean time, her music isn't the worst thing they play at the store where I work, and yeah I kind of hum along and don't mind the country-lite fairy tale tunes that pump through the speakers. I mean, it's not really what I regularly listen to (I don't really listen to any current music ...) but it's pretty dang all right. So, go you, Taylor! You're a lot more accomplished than me and you're still a few months younger. Wait, wait ... this isn't a competition. Like I said, we're here to applaud and appreciate Taylor, and all other women. So congratulations Taylor, the world is happenin' for you. Keep it up!

Speaking of happenin', Ms. Swift has a new fragrance hitting shelves and I kind of love it. It's called Wonderstruck and yes, it has a tinge of what you'd expect from a singer with a majority of fans that are quite young. And I'm sure it will appeal to them, being a sweet mix of gourmand (in this case, vanilla & raspberry) and floral (freesia & apple blossom) scents. But it's not all saccharine. Wonderstruck is a fragrance for a girl who's starting to grow up. There's a tinge of muskiness , a dash of sexiness, all thanks to the sandalwood and golden amber -- yum. I've been rolling the rollerball tube of the scent on my pulse points the last few days and I am really digging it, constantly sniffing myself.

The lovely bottle for this new fragrange, with its dainty gold charms and a bottle cap that kind of reminds me of the necklace from the animated film Anastasia. Right?

Yeah, celebrity fragrances are a dime a dozen, and pretty hit-or-miss. But this one is worth a spritz at your local drugstore. Wear it around, see how it mixes with your chemistry. It might just (wait a minute, prepare yourself for a really bad pun): belong with you.

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck ($59.50 for 3.4 oz., $18 for a 0.33 oz. roll-on, sephora.com)