Tarte's Amazonian Clay Mascara Gives Me Amazon Woman Eye Lashes (As In They're Really Tall)

Plus, add "L!fe Happens" to your list of must see FUBU movies.
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April 10, 2012
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"Let's not stay for the movie," I said to Olivia last night before the screening of "L!fe Happens." "Let's just say we have to leave early."

"We'll play it by ear," she said.

For me, seeing movies is like going to the gym. I rarely want to do it, but when I do, I always feel sort of better after, as was the case last night.

Before the screening started, Krysten Ritter, who co-wrote and starred in the movie introduced it to us as a total FUBU production -- written by women; run by women; starring women. Even the makeup, all Tarte, comes courtesy of Ritter's friend Amy Nadine, which in turn led to a cameo from Lauren Conrad, one of Nadine's long-standing clients.

"L!fe Happens" opens with Kim (Ritter) and on-screen bestie Deena (Kate Bosworth) rolling through Silverlake in a Prius blasting Chamillionaire's Riding Dirty. They stop at a red light and flirt with two dudes before one of the guys spots Ritter's baby in the back seat.

We watch as Kim navigates single unplanned motherhood with the help of Deena and their ditsy friend Laura played by Rachel Bilson. "Life Happens" joins a growing list of movies that feature realistic female dialogue. Less whining about some idiot not calling, more bro-style-banter. Lead female characters having casual sex and not being labelled "the slutty one." More of this please.

Beauty-wise, Ritter, Bosworth and Bilson all looked like their off-screen selves, which I loved. So Ritter did deep red gloss, Bosworth had glowy skin and dark lashes, and Bilson wore a bubblegum matte lip for most of the movie -- all by Tarte.

Ignore the creepy-eyes, we're talking about lashes!

Tarte is most famous for their Cheek Tint and LipSurgence, but I'm all about their Amazonian Clay Mascara. I only care about skin and lashes anyway, and this formula features my favorite kind of wand and consistency. The bristles are short and skinny, perfect for combing and separating, and the mascara itself is sort of dry so it adheres to each lash unlike wet formulas that make for a clumpy mess.

My lash length is boosted by a few months of Latisse, but the thickness and general falsie look above is all mascara, I promise.

Anyway, are you going to see L!fe Happens? What movie do you think captures real female dialogue the best? Tell me so I can see it!

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