IT PUTS THE LOTION IN THE BASKET: 5 Picks From Target's Naturals + Organics Aisle

A beauty shopping spree featuring "green" products from Tar-jay, where I officially always lose my shopping cart with my purse in it.
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April 20, 2011
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FACT: Earth Day -- and April is now Earth Month, right? -- is a cash cow for magazines and that's why there are so many green beauty stories in April issues.

FACT: I, an ex-magazine editor and now your brutally candid beauty blogger/health critic, am not a slave to that little machine any longer. That is, I don't just give "green" products EXTRA attention just BECAUSE they are organic or all-natural. Or because it is April. Or because the "ad side" of a magazine office forces me.

However, this weekend I got to go to a Target somewhere in New Jersey (a big deal for NYC-ers). You guys, their Naturals + Organics aisle is awesome! I don't know who Target's beauty buyer is, but she is good. I wandered up and down the aisle for like 20 minutes feeling all amped for GREEN GREEN GREEN! And making a list in my Blackberry of all the products I forgot I loved.

SO, without further rambling -- my very special Target "Green Beauty" IT PUTS THE LOTION IN THE BASKET Shopping Spree. Happy (gag) "Earth Month"!:

1) Burt's Bees Fabulously Fresh Peppemint & Rosemary Body Wash, $7.99

I love a peppermint body wash, and this one is really tingly and zingy. It makes me feel awake when I am feeling dead (sometimes) or lazy (often) or just bored with showering (ALWAYS)! Really, it kind of opens your sinuses.

Men really like it too, not that I could quite honestly really give a fuck about the bums who use my shower because they don't want to go uptown to their moms' apartments. No, I'm joking (sort of). Anyway, your boyfriend will be into it, if you swing that way. Your girlfriend, too. Shut up,Cat. Kay. 2) Weleda Shaving Cream, $9.99

My carbon footprint is small -- I live in a studio, I take the subway everywhere (and don't even know how to drive), I'm too lazy to travel by plane unless I'm forced to by some DJ I'm getting with who makes me go to Art Basel or wherever.

I am, however, a HUGE bathtaker -- two a day; I'm serious -- and a compulsive leg shaver. This is my favorite shaving cream. Like all Weleda products, it's secretly very boho-glamorous, packaging-wise. The product itself gets crazy-creamy and lathery; it has goat's milk, which is so good for your skin it's insane. LOVE.

3) Alba Cocoa Butter Hand + Body Lotion, $10

All I really have to say here is, THIS BODY LOTION SMELLS LIKE COCONUTS. And anyone who knows me -- who's been within 10 feet of me, really -- knows that I, too, smell like coconuts. And not coconut cake or any confectionary, butter-y coconut smell -- I only like the milky, fresh-cracked coconut scent. Bong: here you go. It's a body lotion; it has cocoa butter like the name says it does; it is softening, durr, and I'm not telling you anything else! I'm sick of explaining ingredients to everyone! No one even really knows what most ingredients beauty writers list ARE! Anyway, buy this. I like it sooo much. NEXT.

4) Yes! To Cucumbers Crucial Care Soothing Facial Mask, $14.99

I am straight-up addicted to face masks, and so I've tried, like, literally 400 of them. The fact that I am out of this particular one is annoying me, because I would very much like to be wearing it right now. Unlike clay-ish, acne-absorping masks (which I use, but not every day), this one is creamy, dewifying, and smells like cucumbers, which makes me feel like I'm at a spa and not on my unmade bed surrounded by, as always, beauty products, soft-porny Dutch fashion magazines, and a leaky red Gatorade. Your skin is so moist when you rinse it off -- you don't even need moisturizer. 5) Mustela Sun Cream For Sensitive Areas SPF 50, $9.99

Oh, relax. As if I'm the type of beauty editor to tell you to use SPF 50! I like a tan just as much as any of you (and by "any of you" I mean the white girls who do NOT like Their SPF Higher Than 15 Thank You Very Much).

This is sunscreen is for specified areas. Sensitive ones.Mustela is a highly glamorous French baby brand and you can, of course, also slather it on a baby, but my advice is to hoard it all for yourself and use it when you're out in the sun on the tip of your nose (mine turns up and always gets bright red!), around your eyes (it won't sting -- or at least it doesn't for me), etc. Chic Euro types can use it on their nipples -- anyone can use it on their nipples, really. Heck, use it on exposed labia: it's that gentle. (Attn Mustela: Yes, yes, you may reprint that endorsement on your website.)

What do you like to buy at Target? And who sunbathes nude? I really want to go to a nude beach this summer but it seems so skeevy in the US. Stories?