Tangled Up In Blue (Eyeliner)

I think for many people blue eyeliner has Princess Diana connotations, to which I say: why is that a bad thing?
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August 12, 2013
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Sometimes just the smallest of changes can make a big difference, while being far less daunting than attempting something drastic. I am stubbornly wedded to my black kohl pencil and liquid eyeliner, whatever the season or time of day, which works for me, but can feel a little stale sometimes.

I’ve been seeing blue eyeliner everywhere recently – in advertising campaigns, magazine editorials and on my friends, and it looks fresh and – forgive the pun – eye-catching. So I decided to try it. I would have pushed the boat out even further an experimented with blue mascara and eyeshadow too, but when I sifted through the chaotic clutter on my dressing table, it turned out that I’d over-efficiently thrown away all the old products which I had been hoarding for so long.

I think for many people blue eyeliner has Princess Diana connotations, to which I say: why is that a bad thing? My mum always wore blue eyeliner in the ‘80s and ‘90s too and she looked awesome – she used a chunky crayon-style pencil from Lancôme in a vibrant shade of royal blue on the lower lashes and it just added... something.

Look 1: Lancôme Le Crayon Khôl in 031 Indigo Paris

This is probably the most subtle look - I just lined the inside of my lower and upper lash lines, and winged it out slightly at the sides. Nothing on the top of the upper lashes, and a single coat of mascara. The Lancôme crayon requires quite a lot of pressure to get it to dispense its colour, which is somewhere between royal and navy blue. Very easy and wearable.

Look 2: Anastasia Beverly Hills Cover Waterproof Eyeliner in Azure

The Anastasia eyeliner is an intense, inky crayon in the darkest navy which you can use to draw quite a precise line, so I used it to do my classic winged, retro flick. It was really easy to use (and you just twist the pen to get it to dispense more of the nib) and I could build up the thickness as much as I wanted. I get the feeling this wouldn't smudge or run, making it the perfect alternative to black liquid liner for summertime.

Look 3: Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl in 014 Bright Blue

JAZZY! Well, why not? I startedout using the electric blue Rimmel kohl to line my upper lash line, then thought 'sod it' and coloured in my entire eyelid. And it was really fun! For a party on a hot summer night, why not? The colour isn't as extreme as you'd think, but it still pops - I love it.

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I think when it comes to make-up it’s incredibly easy to get stuck in a rut – and my natural inclination is to stay very comfortably in that rut – after all, if you know what suits you, why mess with a winning formula? But you can make subtle tweaks to that formula – swapping black eyeliner for blue, or trying a bold pink instead of your usual red lipstick.

If you never wear any kind of lipstick at all, the idea of suddenly stepping out in a pillar box red, vampy lipstick might just feel too weird or alien a concept – and that’s fair enough. If you feel uncomfortable in something, then it isn’t going to look good.

Are you into blue eyeliner and I'm just a slow coach? Is there something you'd like to try beauty-wise that you haven't yet through inertia/nerves? Tell me!

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