Take A Peek In My Suitcase -- Yes, Suitcase -- Of Products For Daily Glamour

I use neutrals sometimes, but usually only because they happen to be in a palette with turquoise and purple.
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August 20, 2012
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So before you get all "Whoah! A suitcase?!", rest assured it is actually a MINIATURE suitcase, from the 1960s thank you very much, with a cute floral print all over it. I saw it on Etsy and had to have it, of course. I was having a bit of a Zooey Deschanel moment, I think I had just watched all of "New Girl" start to finish. (Have you seen that show? Sometimes I think Jess is my soul mate.)

When the suitcase showed up on my doorstep I had immediate buyer's remorse. I suddenly remembered I live in a teeny weeny apartment in New York City, where even my actual suitcases for travel (a matching fuchsia set, OF COURSE) have to be stored in an overpriced locker elsewhere in the neighbourhood. I didn't know where to put the damn thing, but before long, it had found its permanent resting place, balancing precariously on my radiator.

Anyway… Space and organizational issues aside, I wanted to give you a look at this cluster of my daily beauty products. I don't use all of these things every day, but I like to have them on hand.

I started using MAC Studio Fix when I was about 14, in an effort to emulate this cool girl who lived in California and had an amazing online journal. I would like to say that I sashayed up to the MAC counter with an air of confidence but I'm sure I didn't -- like I said, I was THIRTEEN and wearing my school uniform (complete with hideous green blazer). Before MAC, my only experience with make-up was Wet and Wild black lipstick, stubby eyeliner pencils that my friends and I shared and somehow, no one had learned to sharpen them, Kryolan blue lipstick (why?! It was 1996, that's why), and Revlon Vixen lipstick (and matching eyeliner pencil).

MAC was a revelation and just like it treated me well then, it continues to make sweet sweet love to my face on the regular. It's like that boyfriend that is always there, is always sweet, and rocks your world in bed, but you don't stick around because you get too content and need an adventure. MAC is almost too easy sometimes, but having said that, I use Studio Fix every day. EVERY DAY!

Hello Flawless is a beautiful foundation, with buildable coverage and a really natural-looking finish. It's oil-free and completely fabulous for anyone with combination skin, or who tends to get shiny and oily throughout the day. I am in this category, especially in summer. They could stand me in dressing rooms and women could examine their outfits in my FACE. Anyway, read the reviews if you don't believe me! (I would still recommend powdering over the top, though, if you're a shiny gal!)

Make Up For Ever's foundations are gorgeous too. The HD formulation is great for photos or video, as you might expect, while Face and Body is a perfect everyday foundation. It just does not move, and is a favorite of make-up artists for a reason.

I love buying eyeshadow palettes. They're usually good value for money and they are also so delightful to open. My favorites are by Urban Decay and, of course, MAC Cosmetics. I know a lot of people go for oh-so-sophisticated nudes, neutrals, etc., but I am not so crazy about them. I use neutrals sometimes, but usually only because they happen to be in a palette with turquoise and purple. Maybe one day I will see the error of my ways, but for now I like a hot pink crease above my black cat's eye.

Ooooh… Sparkly! You might not be able to tell from the pots, but these are loose pigments, which can be kind of a pain in the ass. But don't fret: the easiest way to apply loose eye-shadow or pigment is by dipping your brush in water first. Alternatively, you can use mixing medium, or even a primer with a good amount of silicone in it.

I love that gold one for pressing into the middle of my eyelid after I've done the rest of my eye make-up. It makes everything look bright and glowy.

Yes, this is the make-up case of a Lip Butter fetishist. You'll also notice the Treat lip balm that I spoke so highly of -- it is literally the only lip balm I'm using these days. It absolutely slays everything else. (Did you buy one yet?!) Resting on top of my lip butters are Givenchy lipstick and lip gloss, which I have been using for a couple of years and still adore. The lipstick is Rouge Interdit Shine in 06 Raspberry Shine, and the gloss is Gelee D'Interdit, but I'm not sure what color it is. Sorry. If you go to scope them out in person, the one I have is light pink with gold iridescent sparkle! Seriously, these are on the expensive side ($30 for a lipstick, OUCH), but totally worth it because you will wear them again and again. They smell good too. Kind of like Jello. FANCY Jello.

The items at the bottom of the picture are what I use on my eyes: Sephora brand liquid eyeliner (it's super dark black, the blackest I've found so far!), MAC Cosmetics False Lashes Extreme Black, and Benefit's Eye Bright for my waterline. Just a little bit of this along your waterline will brighten your eyes. Excellent for hangovers or extreme tiredness! A lot of people will use a white pencil for this but it can look kind of harsh, unless you are going for a really extreme look (which, trust me, I can appreciate!). Eye Bright is a pale pink, which makes it a lot more wearable and suitable for everyday use.

I wish I could minimise my make-up collection but I find it almost impossible to throw out old cosmetics. It feels so CRUEL, and you can't exactly give it away. It's kind of unhygienic and gross. I have two other shoeboxes full of cosmetics (one of those shoeboxes once contained UGG* boots, so trust that is it a large box), plus two massive train cases bursting with eye-shadow, glitter eyeliner, weird eyelashes and another shoebox entirely full of nail polish. Ugh.

Do you hoard weird beauty products just like I do? Do you, like me, have multiple bottles of nailpolish and excessive eyeliner pencils that threaten to overwhelm your life?

* Don't judge me! They are secret UGGs, they don't even LOOK like UGGs! That's my story, and I'm sticking to it...