SUPER LUXE NAIL POLISH AT THE DRUGSTORE! Obsessed With Triple Shine By Sally Hansen

Whether you know it or not, you guys already love these colors because I have been giving them some down-low promo right here on xoJane.
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November 21, 2013
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WHAT UP, NAIL CREW? I hope you and your nails are excited because today I come bearing news of the newest line of polish that I am VERY about, and I know you will be too. It brings together everything we love about a good polish: easy application, long wear, high shine, and most important, great color. And did I mention it’s available at the drugstore? YAS!

Last week while running errands, I made a very boring and unglamorous trip to the drugstore to buy very adult things like cooking spray and toothpaste. I was holding a basket full of kitchen supplies and feeling unusually basic, so I stomped over to the beauty section to peruse. There in front of me was the new line of Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish.

I knew I was in deep shit because Sally H. is the queen bee when it comes to drugstore polish. Sure, a lot of drugstore brands have great color but YOU DO NOT MESS with the quality of Sally Hansen. I’ve never been anything short of totally satisfied with their products, and there I was with 29 new ones staring me in the face. Byyyeeeee.

“TRIPLE SHINE.” Hmm. I turned that phrase over and over in my head while demolishing the display. Why is it, I wondered, that polish companies always make it a point to promise high shine? Like, did we collectively all of a sudden just stop wearing topcoats? Are we barbarians? No. I’m guessing it’s because polish brands are trying to sell the benefits of a gel manicure, high shine, long wear, etc. etc., in their regular polish. I say just get a gel manicure or don’t, and get on with your life.

I’m rambling! Anyway, Triple Shine’s main draw is the super high shine of the polish, not to be redundant. Polish can dull from the day-to-day activities of being, you know, a normal human being, like washing dishes or whatever. Also, pH levels in your water can chew up your polish; soap and detergent can dull shine. Basically, if you’re not a celebrity, your nail polish is going to take a beating. Triple Shine aims to keep your nails looking fresh and lustrous and straight from the salon throughout your wear.

Let’s break it down.

The bottle has a swanky removable lid covering the actual cap, like you’d get with a Chanel polish.

The brush is the same or very similar to Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dry polish, with a rounded tip that makes application really smooth.

The formula is so nice. It’s creamy and very easy to work with, making it simple to get full coverage, near opacity, in one coat (even though we're obviously using two coats, but I don't need to tell you that.) The polish itself is actually quite like the Insta-Dry line, but without the super speedy dry time. This isn’t detrimental though, as sometimes when using the quick dry polish, if you don’t get a perfect brush stroke the first time, it can dry to be lumpy or imperfect.

Because of the promise of high shine, I was expecting the polish to take longer to dry than a normal polish would (while basing that assumption on absolutely nothing), and I found that dry time wasn’t an issue. It stayed tacky maybe a minute longer than normal, but dried to a hard finish without any hassle.

Finally, THE COLORS. The colors are what initially drew me to the collection in the first place, and they’re why I’m totally gagging over them now.

The collection consists of 29 colors and one top coat. Within the collection there are nine gorgeous crèmes, eight glitters that range from micro-glitter, to chunky hexagonal glitter, to iridescent flakes, and nine metallics.

I copped two crèmes and one glitter. I don’t usually mess with glitters but I’m inexplicably obsessed with rose gold/copper glitter nails right now and Triple Shine has the perfect one.

Whether you know it or not, you guys already love these colors because I have been giving them some down-low promo right here on xoJane. Let’s review.

Here I am three articles ago, wearing “Dive In,” a wicked teal. SO vibrant. It’s reminiscent of “Fly” from OPI’s Nicki Minaj in 2011 (LEST WE FORGET), but better.

In Tuesday’s article, I was wearing “Dream Sequins,” the aforementioned rose gold that I’m loving. It’s a micro-glitter that reaches full coverage in 2-3 coats. Worship.

And here I am pictured wearing “Vanity Flare” (these names…), my almost perfect, but totally accessible which makes it perfect, mid-royal purple. It’s a great accent to this houndstooth moment I am having today.

In the interest of honesty, both the teal and the purple were maybe one shade darker when on the nail then they looked in the bottle. I, for one, was not mad about it because, if anything, they were more vibrant.

Also, both the teal and purple totally struck me as very Khloe Kardashian-esque colors, and I'm sorry to be totally vapid and reference the Kardashians in like every other beauty article but, like, come and talk to me when your nails look as good as theirs do.

Anyway, I’ve gotten crazy compliments while rocking all of these colors. They’re eye-catching and wear very well. I keep thinking that they’re the drugstore version of the Marc Jacobs polish line. Super luxe, creamy, vibrant, perfect. I think this is my new favorite drugstore collection.

Check out Triple Shine on Sally Hansen’s website, devote your life to it, and then purchase it for around just $5 at your fave drugstore.

Okay, so have you tried it? Are you in love? Seriously the last thing I need is more nail polish but I really just love this line (and I’ve got more nail articles coming up, so, you know, lucky you.) What’s on your nails RIGHT NOW? Show & tell in the comments.

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