Super Black Lacquers Are Back With Their Next-Level Cult Glitter Polishes

Make your pedicure look like something a unicorn vomited on. You know, in a good way.
Publish date:
May 2, 2013
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Natalie Dee has been bringing joy to my life since I discovered her daily web comic in 2006. She cemented herself as my absolute favorite when she started Stuff I Put On Myself, a make-up blog as well.

I started to wonder if she just sat around thinking of ways to make me happy and became absolutely convinced of this when she launched Super Black Lacquers, a handmade nail polish line, in November.

This was a soft launch, with just a few sparkle-infused colors, but I knew they were something special. They mirrored the end result of a sleepless night, spent sitting alone in your room, failing to fend off the siren call of all 10 of your glitter topcoats till what was once a perfectly demure $27 pedicure looked like something a unicorn vomited on. You know, in a good way.

But while the resulting sparkly clusterfuck of brilliance would be goopy and easily destroyed, Natalie's nail colors gave the same effect in just three coats. They were a glorious mix of glitter and went on super opaque. Sadly, the demand for these polishes was so great they sold out almost immediately and I was only able to get my hands on one.

When Natalie re-launched with 18 new colors this month, I vowed to try the whole collection, which includes 7 gorgeous glitter shades and some interesting solids and holographic shades as well.

I know vivid solids can be found everywhere but these colors are subtly unique. Grassy Knoll is a true but soft grass green, Little Piggy is a cool toned purpleish pink, and Hello Officer is a primary blue shade. I haven't seen any of the offerings from other lines in quite the same colors, and I am almost constantly looking at nail polish. In fact one of my mechanisms of coping with stress is going into a store and just looking at nail polish, so trust me, if it's out there, I've stared at it while focusing on my breathing.

There are also two solids with some color-changing shimmer in the light and some great holographic shades like "Lombard."

But it's the glitter polishes that are absolutely one of a kind.

Drunk Dial sports a magenta base with red, orange, and yellow glitter. Sweet Tooth is a purple base with rainbow glitter evenly disbursed.

Becky is an unusual combination of a beautiful navy base with emerald green glitter.

Son of Space Ghost is one of my favorites, with a black base containing fuchsia, purple, pink, and silver glitters. HBIC is a blue-violet polish with gold glitter, a more sophisticated look. The Bends has an almost under water quality with its aqua blue base and white, black, and turquoise glitter accents.

Filthy Rich is gold holographic glitter with jet black glitter accents. I am loving it on my toes.

This is the type of color people will stop you on the streets and ask for the name of. In fact, the woman who gave me the pedicure asked me for ordering information so she could carry the polishes in the salon! These glitters are easier to remove than most other glitters I've encountered and give you that layered look in 2-3 coats. Be sure to use a super shiny topcoat to keep them from having a dull finish such as Sally Hansen Super Shine Top Coat.

The cool thing about Super Black lacquers is that they are formulated, mixed, and bottled by hand in Ohio. They are also 4-Free which means they do not contain Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene or Formaldehyde resin. Though the bottles are screen printed to satisfy demand, everything else is lovingly made by Natalie herself.

I personally love DIY nail polish brands as you really are getting something that's unique and quality controlled. The Super Black collection would be added to my usual rotation even if I wasn't already a huge fan of Natalie Dee, who is just the coolest. After emailing with her about the brand I got the sense that she really is passionate about this and puts 100% into every bottle. I'm so excited to add these to my collection.

*Photos by Mark Raker