SUMMER IS HOT BUT I'M EVEN HOTTER! Skincare Products That Keep My Skin Looking Great In The Heat

I’ve had to learn the hard way that avoiding bad summer skin is all about taking preventative measures BEFORE the heat takes a toll on your complexion.
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July 23, 2013
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Sorry about that title, but man, it is HOT out there, isn’t it? Whether you’re burning up in NYC, or feeling like you’re standing on the sun in Madison, Wisconsin like I am, we are all suffering in the heat. I’m not complaining though, I love me some hot weather!

But you know what doesn’t like the hot weather? My skin. About this time every summer, my typically flawless complexion decides to revolt. I’ve had to learn the hard way that avoiding bad summer skin is all about taking preventative measures BEFORE the heat takes a toll on your complexion. I guess that’s kind of what skincare is all about, stopping the breakouts before they start, but whatever. Learning as we go.

My normal (lazy) skincare regime just doesn’t cut it during the hottest of months. My skin is producing and holding on to more oil than usual, so I do my best to go the extra mile when it comes to cleansing so I won’t end up scared to leave my apartment because of a breakout, totally holed up in my bedroom with the shades drawn, refusing to go outdoors like I’m that kid in The Secret Garden.

Here’s the thing. Skincare is boring. I get it. But being responsible and taking good care of your skin is one of those things that, like it or not, you just have to do. Yes it’s dreadfully unexciting and sometimes expensive. I know you will ask yourself, "Why spend good money on a eye cream when I could be spending that money on a diamond encrusted Range Rover?"

Because your skin is your most important accessory, and it should be treated as such. You know who has amazing, glowy skin? Take a guess...


And don't we all want to be like Jane?


We should all have skin worthy of Jane Pratt, right? Thought so. First, find yourself a good exfoliating scrub. In my opinion when it comes to a scrub, the harder, the better (heh). When I’m exfoliating, I like my product of choice to really beat the shit out of my face. But I know that’s not really everyone’s preference, so here’s the next best thing.

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Body Cleanser

BAM. This is one of my favorite summer products. Ugh, god, you open the jar and you are immediately kicked in the face with the pungent aroma of lemongrass and ginger. It smells like a craft cocktail! And sort of maybe like lemon meringue? Last week I had a dream I was eating it.

Don’t eat it, but do use it. The scrub is really dense, it almost feels like wet sand when you first scrape it out of the jar. When you’re using it, it's pretty heavy duty at first. As you rub, the scrub sort of melts into your skin as it gently removes dead skin cells and excess oil. The ginger and caffeine in the scrub help to stimulate circulation, which will decrease puffiness and redness while it evens skin tone, removes impurities, and makes your skin insanely soft.

I use it on my face mostly, but it’s good for your entire body. And when you’re done, just rub any extra scrub into your hands to make them extra soft.

Triple-Action Rapid Resurfacing Facial Kit

This at-home facial kit is not playing around when it comes to exfoliating and giving you fresher looking skin. It’s not joking when it says “resurfacing” because that’s exactly what it does. From the inside out, the Triple-Action Rapid Resurfacing Facial Kit uses physical and chemical exfoliants to reveal fresh, healthy skin. They give you everything you need to be an at-home aesthetician. It’s super easy and fun to use, too! With so many vials and bottles and measuring cups, it’s like your own little meth lab!

OK, so first, you mix a bit of the sensitive skin cleanser with a bit of the Herbology herbal granules, which are these little brown...particles?...that look like brown sugar. They help reveal fresh skin using both physical and chemical exfoliation. Rub that mixture into your face, and after about 30 seconds, the granules begin to dissolve as they remove the upper layers of dead, dulling skin cells. Wipe that off and towel dry.

Then, apply the Quick Refiner, a leave-on gel that chemically exfoliates with powerful fruit and glycolic acids. That was my favorite part. I really liked the idea of a gel exfoliator that you just put on and let do all the work. Oh, and it tingled! Finally, top it off with Absolute Moisture to moisturize your freshly scrubbed skin (I cheated and used Beyond Hydration because I much prefer gel moisturizers). And you’re done!

The kit looks a little intimidating because of all the bells and whistles (OKI mean, I think it comes with like seven pieces altogether, three of which being measuring cups and a brush. I’m just easily overwhelmed) but it’s so quick and simple! Just make sure you have enough room on your counter to spread all out. I dropped and spilled the cups like nine times because my bathroom counter is filled with 80 fragrances.

And finally, a mask.

The Boscia Luminizing Black Mask

If you’re going to drop dime on one mask, make it this one. This is the mask, ask anyone. No actually, ask Cat Marnell. She covered it better than I ever could. Sorry for the repeat, the mask is just that good. And look at this weird picture of me wearing it!

See? All better.

This mask is everything. They’re really not joking when they call it a black mask, either, this shit comes out of the tube jet black. It barely even reflects light!

The Boscia Luminizing Black Mask is a mineral-rich clay mask is essentially detox for your skin. You’re basically sending your face to rehab. It sucks out the impurities from face leaving it brighter, softer, springier, and just all around better looking. So all of those demonic things you’ve been doing to your skin? This can help reverse them.

And, the fun part, it peels right off! What’s the point of a mask if you can’t peel it off, am I right? You can enjoy the sick sensations of yanking the dried black tar off of your face all while knowing that it’s taking dirt and grime and dead skin with it, leaving you fresh faced and ready for another day in the sun.

Oh and BOYS (yes, random straight boys that religiously read every one of my articles on the down low, I know you're out there, you've told me) you can even do this when you're stubbly! I assumed you had to be clean shaven, but it will still peel right off even if you've got yourself a little beard.

What do you guys use to make sure that the hot weather won’t wreak havoc on your face? What is your favorite exfoliator? Tell me all of your secrets in the comments!

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