STREET STYLE BEAUTY: HOT PATRIOTIC NAILS (Plus: The Nail Polish Pens She Used to Create Them)

This girl does her nails like this every week like it’s nothing – so killer! Here’s how.
Publish date:
July 5, 2011
nail polish, manicures, fun, Remy Law

Yo! How was your Fourth of July? What did you do? I watched the fireworks from the rooftop of an art museum and then I went to this kooky rave (no, seriously; there are still raves) in Brooklyn. There were cute girls in good outfits and chic beauty looks everywhere, but as usual, my friend Rémy Law killed it harder than anyone else with her nail game: it is, in a word, SICK.

Check out her star-spangled manicure above, and below again here:

...which I photographed poorly and relentlessly while demanding that she freeze her hands in awkward positions for like literally 25 minutes while her boyfriend’s eyes rolled back into his head (no, just kidding; he was actually relatively patient throughout the whole thing).

Rémy does this sh*t herself! Dude, can you even imagine? Maybe you can, if you’re good at nails. I decidedly am NOT – like, I can’t even touch up a thumbnail without a big gob of it oozing over and looking terrible. Is anyone else essentially retarded at doing nails?

(NOTE: Using the word “retarded” is not wrong if I am actually referring to a REAL retarded person trying to give themselves a manicure – then it is just a fact. You know? No? Moving on.)

So Rémy told me that she uses these cool nail polish pens, which I had never heard of before -- the brand, I mean:

They’re called Migi Nail Art Pens– aren’t they fun? The coolest thing about them, Rémy says, is that when you run out of polish, you can send the pens back and get them refilled for free! Hot.

Some nail design tips from Rémy... who doesn’t do nails professionally – she actually does these weirdly amazing portraits of pets; she’s … beyond, I’m telling you; anyway, doing her nails is Rémy’s “ONLY” hobby “in the world," and I don’t know why she put so much emphasis on “only," but I guess she does them a lot. Okay, tips on using these Migi pens:

•They work best and basically exclusively to create “lines and dots.”

•They’re super pressure-sensitive : be careful.

•ADHD people like your favorite beauty editor Cat "in high school I chewed Ritalin literally like gum" Marnell don't even have a chance with these. “The real secret to using these is to be ridiculously patient,” Rémy says. "Like, you have to wait for each layer and design to dry completely before you start with another color, or you’ll screw up the whole nail."

•Don’t lend your Migi pen to your graffiti writer legally-practicing-artist boyfriend, because he’ll stab someone with it. (“No, I did not,” said aforementioned derel boyfriend, who would not answer further questions. “Well, all I know is that he left the house with my pink-and-blue one in his pocket,” countered Rémy. “And now … I don’t have a pink-and-blue.” Hmm.)

SO: you like? You wanna try? How are you with nails? I would love to see some reader designs – or hear ideas for some nail looks you want Rémy to create for me to post here on the site. Suggestions? (Also, again -- how was your Fourth?! Details please!)