MAC Announces 25-Piece Star Trek Makeup Line and I Can't Stop Shouting

Publish date:
March 30, 2016
makeup, Star Trek, MAC cosmetics

In what scientists are calling "the collaboration of our collective dreams," MAC is releasing a 25-piece, Star Trek-inspired line of lipsticks, eye shadows, and nail polishes.

The "collaboration of cosmically charged hues" will be available in September of this year, and will draw inspiration from Deanna Troi, Uhura, Vina Orion Girl, and Seven of Nine. From the company's Instagram:

Spanning half a century, @startrek and its loyal fans cross generations, influencing ideas and aesthetics of gender, race and intergalactic potential. As the sci-fi saga continues, M·A·C and Star Trek’s latest cinema generation join forces in an exclusive makeup collaboration of cosmically charged hues. Available in September, in select markets!

In a statement explaining why he made it so, MAC creative director James Gager had the following to say:

"Star Trek is an iconic pop culture phenomenon whose storylines pushed gender and racial boundaries. For its 50th anniversary, we celebrate each of Star Trek's powerful women in a transcending, transformational makeup collection."

I have never been as excited about a MAC collection in my entire makeup-purchasing life. (The packaging alone.) Do I think a few Star Trek beauty muses have been overlooked? Uh, Yes. I'd love to see some Dr. Crusher-inspired stuff, as her complexion is pretty similar to mine, and also Gates McFadden is an angel of timeless beauty. (Sidebar: Did you know that she also choreographed the dance sequences for Jim Henson's Labyrinth? What a world!) I also wouldn't hate a Jadzia Dax Trill dot pencil, or a complete kit with which I could recreate this iconic look:

It looks like this will be a pretty pearly, glittery, shimmery collection, which I'm okay with, though I'm not always the best at applying that type of makeup to my face. Luckily, I have a friend who is.

Though the waiting will be the hardest part, I'm actually glad this line won't hit the internet until August 25th, or stores until September 1st, as I'm going to need to save up to buy the whole damn thing. I guess I could try to limit my purchase to only the stuff that I will actually wear, but obviously resistance of any sort is utterly futile. If you happen to be going to Comic Con San Diego this year (or if you just happen to be in San Diego), you can hit up the Gaslamp district store for a one-day pre-sale on July 21st.

Now that we've got those details out of the way, let's use this opportunity/comments section to talk about the many awesome women of Star Trek. Beyond beauty, the series has always done a pretty good job of presenting developed female characters who are strong, independent, and smart. Of course, this is an article about makeup, so feel free to share your favorite look from any of the many series or movies. Honestly, there should just be a makeup/fashion/lifestyle brand devoted to Majel Barrett, aka the original "Number One," aka Christine Chapel, aka Lwaxana Troi, aka the voice of all of the computers, aka the First Lady of Star Trek.