SPOOKY SUMMER BEAUTY! Beauty From The Edgy Fashion Blog Hotties, Because They're Having More Fun Than Beach Babes Anyway.

I know we’re all trying to serve our best beach babe look all summer long, but I'm in the mood for something a little riskier.
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July 9, 2013
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I can’t believe it's already July! The vehement pessimist in me looks at the calendar and sees that summer is almost half over and says “UGH, it might as well be OCTOBER already.” Anyone else? Just me?

Who are your fashion inspirations this summer? Besides me, I mean. I know we’re all trying to serve our best beach babe look all summer long, what with our bronzers and sea sprays and coconut scented everything, but can we branch out for a minute? I'm in the mood for something a little riskier.

You know what look I just LOVE in the summertime? Those mildly spooky yet totally high fashion girls all over fashion blogs that have their “candids” snapped around New York City. You know the ones I’m talking about. The pastel hair, the leggings with upside down crosses or whatever else printed on them, platform creepers probably from Jeffrey Campbell, tops that could pass for both Goodwill or Givenchy hanging off of their fawn-like frames.

In my mind, they’re all trust fund kids who have all the money and time to curate these “high fashion gargoyle” looks that I so love, but who can really say? You probably read that description and thought that the look sounds pretty try-hard, but you have to remember, I am too.

Their sassy street-goth style (haphazardly making these describers up as I go along, sorry) is slowly creeping its way into my fashion sensibilities. Like lately, I've been channeling Olivia and wearing all black no matter how hot it is. Last week I went shopping for a birthday gift for my dumb boyfriend and found nothing for him, but I DID find like 80 black tops for myself, most of them sheer.

However these kids wind up haunting the streets of Manhattan looking effortlessly cool and entirely unconcerned is beyond me. All I know is that I’m obsessed with it.

Anyway, I’ve stolen some key points from them to show y’all some subtle (or not-so) ways that you can replicate their style.

So first, the hair. I have to be honest when I say that I’ve been keeping something from you guys lately. I usually let my hairstylist do whatever he wants with me because, you know, I’m such a free spirit or whatever. Last month, he told me that he got some new pastel colors that he wanted to try out. On me.

My mind told me “You are a grown ass man, there is no reason for you to have pastel hair.” But my body told me YAAAAAS!!!

So I let him do it, OK? He threw a piece of pastel turquoise in my hair and assured me that he’d touch it up, were it to fade too much. I mean, if I’m going to be running around the city with green hair, I want it to be GOOD green hair. Well, the color faded in about a week, and seeing as he’s constantly booked out for weeks and I am an exhausting mess, we haven’t found time to touch it up.

Long story long, I’ve been rocking a chunk of blonde in my hair for the past few weeks (he had to lighten my hair first before putting the green in). My friends have told me that I resemble: A skunk, Rouge from X-Men, and Kelly Clarkson from 2003. Also, let me reiterate, all my friends are assholes. Maureen even got wind of my little situation and texted me “Do you seriously have a chunky blonde highlight right now?”


Oh my god, anyway. I was tired of it, and I wanted to try to salvage it myself without doing anything too permanent.

I had seen hair chalk at the drugstore and scoffed, but dude, I was desperate. And I figured, it couldn’t get any worse. I grabbed SPLAT Hair Chalk in“Mint Candy” because it seemed to be closest to the color I started off with.

As I was buying this HAIR CHALK I thought to myself “Well, this is a low point…” Joke’s on me because this shit is awesome. It comes in a little pan that looks just like eyeshadow, and you just put a piece of hair between the chalk and your fingers, slide it on, and you’re good to go! The box made the color look like some sort of a gray-green, but in my hair it was a bright greenish turquoise and it looked great.

The best thing? It looks totally natural! Well, as natural as green hair can look. What I mean is, it looks dyed this color, not chalked. The color stays in all day without budging at all, and it’s just as vivid at the end of my night as it was when I put it in. If anything, it wears better as the day goes on. It can work with hair of any color, but it looks more vivid the lighter your hair is.

I also lazily tried out an ombre effect, and it held all night! And yes I realize ombre is dead and buried but I was just testing the limits.

I know that raving about hair chalk makes me seem like a tween girl, which I am, but it really saved the day!

Also chalk makes my nipples hard.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Gel Eye Shadow in Blue Paradise

You’re probably no stranger to the Color Tattoo Cream Gels by now, so you’re aware that they slay. Insane (yet buildable) coverage, no flaking, applies and wears like a dream, I could go on. Their usual colors are wonderful but I am straight GAGGING over this limited edition called “Blue Paradise.”

Paradise, INDEED! I’ll start by saying that there is a myriad of ways to get metallic silvery blue eyeshadow totally wrong. For example: the 90s. But yo, look at this color (you’re gonna have to click all of these links because Maybelline, yet again, has not released any promo images of their limited editions.) I am the first to admit that I hate all things iridescent, but this is a big exception to the rule. Blue Paradise has a chameleon color effect, changing color depending on which way the light is hitting it. First it’s blue, then it’s teal, then it’s purple? STOP! Can’t you just see those mysterious fashion blog hotties shooting you rude looks with this color on their eyelids?

You’re going to have to snatch this color soon though because, as with all drugstore limiteds, it's not going to be on the shelves long. Also, am I the only one that thinks that this would look awesome high up on your cheekbones? Or is that just a sign of me losing all grip on reality? Tell me in the comments!

When I’m perusing photos of these chic ass girls, more often than not, a few of them will be making a bold, though understated beauty choice. Lately, I’ve been really into lining your lower lash line, or waterline, with brightly colored liner and doing nothing else to the eyes, save for mascara.

With the success of products like Urban Decay’s 24/7 Eye Pencil, it seems that drugstore beauty companies have caught on to the fact that people are interested in bright beauty products that are also good quality. Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more wild colors popping up in drugstores! Like the new Covergirl “Ink It” eyeliner pencil in turquoise!

If you want to try this look but don’t want to drop $20 on a luxe pencil that you’re not sure you’ll love, the Ink It pencil is a great place to start. What you see is what you get with this. Intense color, easy application, and good wear. The pencil’s precision is good, while still being smudgeable if you’re going for a more rock look.

Do you love it, or have I lost you? I just feel like SUMMER is the perfect excuse to go crazy with your beauty products. Or just go crazy in general.

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