SPEND IT LIKE YOU GOT IT. What Products Do You Splurge On?

Publish date:
May 21, 2013
fragrance, splurge, Andy Warhol

I believe that you shouldn’t skimp when it comes to buying your beauty products. I’m talking about the ones that you always go back to and really rely on. Those products are different for everybody, but we’ve all got one or two that we’re willing to shell out the extra dollars for, am I right?

And I mean, you’re putting this stuff on your FACE and all over your skin. You want it to look good and be of quality, no?

For me, one of the products that I rarely even look at the price tag for is fragrance. Fragrances are a really important part of my life and daily routine, so I really value them. Dude, fragrances are important! They can change your mood! They can create and invoke memories.

I get that it’s sometimes hard for some people (me) to shell out money for moisturizers or cleansers because they’re BORING. But we all love fragrances and every time you spray one on yourself, you don’t think of how much you spent on it, you think of how much you love it.

A story: one night, I was feeling kind of sick, but this band that I had been talking shit about for three years was in town so obviously I had to go see them because I get into like every concert free. So I dragged my ass to the show, IN THE RAIN, and suffered through it. Then, I wanted to go home but had promised this one DJ that I’d go see his dubstep set (A DUBSTEP SET. It was 2011) at this seedy bar.

Cut to me in a hot, smelly dive bar, surrounded by people taking shots of Jameson and being so sick by that point that I didn’t even want to partake. Fast-forward to leaving, my boyfriend starts to walk in the pouring rain. I grab him.

“WHAT are you doing?” I ask.

“Walking home…”

“In THIS rain? You’re playing.”

I whip out my phone and call a cab. Meanwhile, I am feeling like shit and once again pissed off about absolutely nothing. We’re standing under this awning as the rain is shattering onto the pavement below us, and a little drop of rain rolls from his hair, down his face, onto his chest, where it reignites the fragrance that he is wearing.

SUDDENLY, I am taken back to the summer before, on our first date. It was the hottest day of the summer and a miserable day to meet a potential *lover*, but one of the things I remember most is how GOOD he smelled. I can’t smell the cologne he was wearing and not get all, you know, weird about it. And believe me, if something can change MY bad mood, then you know it’s got power.

Fragrances, everybody.

So anyway. About a year-and-a-half ago, I stomped into Barney’s feeling all brand new and careened right over to the fragrance counter. The suit and tie behind the counter tried to “assist me” and I really just wanted to swat him away like an annoying horsefly. After his third “recommendation,” I finally had to tell him that I was more than capable of finding a fragrance all by my damn self.

“I got this,” I told him.

I’ve been wearing the same two fragrances since I was 16, but I still like to sniff around. I got to the Bond No. 9 section, which is just the most EXQUISITE of fragrance companies. All of their scents are so well thought out and perfectly assembled (assembled? You know what I mean). Plus, most of the bottles are bright and colorful with a ton of personality. They’re so sophisticated and so fun.

And so EXPENSIVE. The small bottles run around $180 and the big ones will set you back around $260. I’ve never purchased a Bond No. 9 fragrance, not only because of the price, but also because I haven't found one that I had really fallen in love with enough to shell out that much money for.


So I’m manhandling all these expensive bottles, right? And one catches my eye. I yank it out from among its brethren and…


Andy Warhol by Bond No. 9. I almost dropped it because I was so excited. Y’all know that I’m a huge Warhol fan. And my love for fragrances speaks for itself. Now, a Warhol fragrance? I THRIVE.

I sprayed it all up on myself and was so, so excited to learn that it smelled incredible. Almost otherworldly. Andy Warhol by Bond No. 9 fragrance is a delicious shitshow, featuring bergamot, plum, white patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla bean, musk, etc. etc. etc. It’s inviting, bright, warm, and sweet but still sophisticated.

This is actually the sixth Warhol fragrance that Bond No. 9 has done.

But it's the only one that so blatantly features a photo of the man himself on the bottle. The photo on the bottle is a Photobooth photo from 1963 or ’64, when he was 35, FYI.

Because I hate myself, I did not buy a bottle, and have since regretted it. It’s not the price that’s the deterrent, it’s just daunting to me to drop that sort of cash without any prior warning, you know? Anyway, about a year later, I found myself back at that same fragrance counter, looking for that same fragrance. I was crushed, though not surprised, when I was told that they had sold out of the scent and it had since been discontinued.

And then, last week, I found it online.

And I don’t mean found it on Ebay, or found it used or anything like that, as some perfume fanatics love to do. No, I found it brand new, still available, just for me. YES!

I haven’t bought it YET, but I know I am probably going to, I just need to give myself some time to dance around the situation for a while. Because, after all, I am no stranger to spontaneous, frivolous and expensive purchases. I mean, I almost dropped $460 on a Givenchy manbag (“manbag”) this weekend.

I think we can all agree that that is a purchase better left unpurchased. But I longed for this Warhol fragrance for over a year and then was crushed when I was finally told it was (allegedly) unavailable, so this has got to be a sign, right?

I am not here for this guilt that some people feel about dropping dime on stuff like this. TREAT YO’SELF! You deserve it. And plus, if you don’t take care of yourself, no one else is going to. It’s like Big Sean says, “Work too hard to be ballin’ on a budget.” Or as Beyonce says, “And I’m makin’ ALL THESE RACKS, A-ALL THESE RACKS!" -- sorry I just really wanted to reference her new song that just leaked.

Personally, and I’m sure this goes for you too, I’m not putting all of these insane hours at work and sacrificing sleep and my physical and mental health to pass up on something I really want simply because I feel like I shouldn’t be making big purchases. YOU SHOULD. Love yourself, etc.

But what I’m really interested in this: What do you guys shell out money for? Beauty products or otherwise (but I’m mostly interested in beauty products). Tell me! And what makes that purchase worth it to you? Emily says that hers are hair, shoes, and tattoos. Perfect. I think mine are fragrances, sunglasses, and any other purchase that is unreasonably expensive that I will undoubtedly be able to somehow justify to myself.

I think I’m about to have another manic episode so follow me on Twitter to join in on the fun: @TynanBuck. Also I’m wearing my hair up now.