So Wet For This Right Now: OPI Minnie Mouse Collection Edition

I now possess in my collection two of OPI’s utterly ridiculously named Minnie Mouse bottles, and they are just gorgeous.

Oh god I could scream I love these so much.

So what you know about me so far: I’ve been in hospital recently, I’ve got "gnarly" teeth, I like argan oil a LOT and I have what the delicious IJJ referred to as a "DONK."

The other thing you need to know about me, and perhaps already do if you’re following me on Twitter, is that I FUCKING LOVE NAIL POLISH. Like, LOVE. It’s beyond an obsession. I sometimes actually worry about the amount of fumes I must inhale on a weekly basis.

I change my nail polish color probably every two days, three days max, and buy on average five or six new colors a month. It’s shallow and pointless and sick and wrong and I love it. (I don’t actually think it’s any of these things but whatever.)

I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it!

The newest additions to my ridiculously over the top collection are two of the most swoonsome shades I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t discriminate when it comes to nail color. I’m an equal opportunities employer, yo. I like red, I like yellow, I like racing green, I like blues especially: duck egg, bluebell, midnight, navy -- and GLITTER. Don’t even start me on glitter.

This was last week. I felt like Kanye.

One color I usually swerve is pink. I think finding the right shade of pink is REALLY hard. I have hot pinks, pastel pinks, reddy pinks, grey-ed out pinks, the lot -- but when it comes down to swiping that acetone across my nails and choosing the next hue, pink doesn’t often make the shortlist (or even the longlist, really).

But not now. I now possess in my collection two of OPI’s utterly ridiculously named Minnie Mouse bottles, and they are just gorgeous. The collection, which was released in July, comprises of three different pinks and a topcoat which makes my heart beat that little bit faster. Who needs crack when you can have a topcoat WITH HEARTS IN? So j’adorbz. The colors are all "inspired by Minnie," which in itself makes me want to cry a bit, it’s so sweet.

I have the palest pink shade, "If You Moust, You Moust," which is the perfect crème pink. It’s creamy enough to stop it from being horrendously girly, and applies like a dream. I have it on now and I keep staring at my nails, which NEVER happens with a pink usually.

I've found my pink! And a ring in the shape of a moustache.

The real piece de résistance of the collection is the topcoat WITH HEARTS IN, "Nothin’ Mousie Bout It." I DIE. It’s a sheer, jelly base with tiny flecks of pink, blue and some orange shimmer and larger pale pink hearts. It’s saccharine, and I don’t care. I wore it over an Essie pillarbox red, and it gave me a real girl-boner.


I cannot wait to add to my HEAVING collection with the other two -- ‘The Color of Minnie" -- a shimmery red and "I'm All Ears" -- a bright pink jelly polish with blue/purple shimmer. Payday cannot come soon enough!

Have you got any of the collection? Have you found your perfect pink? I’m always eager for tip offs! Feed my addiction!

Natalie’s maniacally taking photos of her nails and posting them on Twitter - @Natalie_KateM.