This Skincare Line is Like Green Juice for Your Face

And the packaging is so beautifully, designed, too!
Publish date:
February 18, 2016
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I came across this awesome line of products on none other than a branding and packaging blog, The Dieline. I’m a HUGE fan of great product and package design (I spent my undergrad with art-school advertising and graphic design friends to thank for that), so when I came across something that looked this gorgeous, I was instantly intrigued.

So, can a product this beautiful still be practical? And more importantly, can it work?

Well, before anything, I want to give you a background on the brand. First, this isn’t any old beauty brand that pops up out of nowhere to cash in on something trendy (read: “natural” products), the brains behind Youth To The People, Greg and Joe, have been involved in the industry for years. It’s in their blood.

Surrounded by a handful of estheticians in the family, and a grandmother that brought plant-based ingredients into the beauty industry in the 80s (and wrote the initial Esthetics curriculum for the California State Board of Cosmetology), the men behind this line are passionate, knowledgeable and focused.

So what have they focused on? Taking what you and I love in our healthiest, cold-pressed green juices, and applying that to our skin care products. Here’s what I found when I tested the line out.

Youth To The People Cleanser, $36

So heads up: before you pop that pump in and get to work, be sure to only pump a little of this out at a time — like half a pump at the most. An entire pump of this is about three times as much product as you need, and would be totally wasteful — and nobody wants to be wasting something so beautiful (and kind of expensive), amirite?

It’s a legit gel cleanser, which means it doesn’t foam up much but spreads easily. Like the rest of this line, it features powerhouse ingredients like kale, green tea and spinach. It spreads easily, rinses well and doesn’t leave a tacky or super-stripped feeling.

It’s a pretty perfect cleanser, and the beautiful reusable glass bottle doesn’t hurt either.

Youth To The People Serum, $62

This serum is a complete dream. I’ve never, ever applied a serum that felt so great and soaked in so well. It’s not sticky, or too creamy, and gives you enough time to really spread it around (which is something I find even extremely expensive serums occasionally lack). It doesn’t smell much like anything, which is awesome, especially if you have sensitive skin.

This serum features ingredients like tripeptide 37, which is quoted as increasing collagen production by up to 175%. Incredible. There are a few other major players at work here, too, mainly the forever-amazing vitamin C, and a jacked up version of hyaluronic acid (which is five times as strong as the traditional ingredient).

If you’re on the market for a new serum, I’d suggest this one for sure.

Youth To The People Cream, $48

Can we take a moment to appreciate jar packaging that includes it’s own spatula? OK, good. As someone forever paranoid about germs/contamination, I seriously appreciate that Youth To The People has included a cute little spatula dedicated to the act of scooping out bacteria free product.

The cream itself is mint green and gel-like in consistency. Like the cleanser, the cream has a very light, green fragrance, but it isn’t at all intrusive.

I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that these products are all about antioxidants, and Youth To The People have packed this face cream to the brim with the benefits of kale, spinach and green tea. Like the serum and cleanser, the cream is so easy to spread around. I scoop up about a dime-size amount of the product and tap it on my cheeks, nose, chin, forehead and neck, and have no problems with coverage. A little goes a long way, and my skin just drinks it up.

I know they have a lot of talk on the packaging about free radicals, which usually means SPF or some sort of UV protection, but it didn’t specifically say how much. They mention the green tea having "polyphenols" which are supposed to protect against UV. But without any sort of designated protection, I’d suggest continuing to apply your favourite SPF sunscreen/moisturizer every morning as usual to be safe.

All in all? Youth to the People did not disappoint. It’s a bit pricey (though not outrageous), but if you’re looking for a flawlessly packaged, unique product to try, this is it.

  • What are you most likely to spend money on? Moisturizer, Serum or Cleanser?
  • How into kale products are you?
  • Do you already have any products you already use with “green” properties?