6 Yes To Coconuts Products I Can't Get Enough Of

I say YES to Yes to Coconuts.

Yes To is one of my favorite drugstore brands. And as you know, I love all things coconut. So when I saw on social media that Anne-Marie had gone to the launch party for Yes To Coconuts, I immediately tweeted at her to let me review it.

On top of my love for coconuts and Yes To, I was especially excited to try this new line because it's formulated for dry, thirsty skin and hair, which suits me perfectly since I bleach my hair and spend a lot of time in the sun.

Lucky me! I got to experience the ENTIRE line, which is full of everything from shampoo and conditioner to cuticle cream to Yes To's cult-favorite lip balm. I'm going to share my six favorites with you today. They're just starting to sneak into stores now, so keep your eyes peeled.

Ultra Light Spray Body Lotion ($9.99)

I rolled my eyes when spray lotions first started to hit shelves, but I'm starting to come around. I love the mix of coconut and jojoba oil in this spray, because it moisturizes instantly and doesn't feel cake-y. Plus, you don't need to use too much and the bottle is huge so it'll last all season. It feels really great after a long day of swimming in the lake and hanging out on the boat. A friend of mine hugged me and practically swooned at the scent.

Cooling Lip Oil ($4.99)

How awesome is this stuff? Working in malls with aggressive air conditioning leaves my mouth SO dry. I like this product because it has just a little gloss and it's not sticky at all--it goes on cool and slick. I get a couple of hours of moisturizing wear before I have to reapply.

Head-to-Toe Restoring Balm ($9.99)

My heels needed this so bad. I spend a lot of time walking around barefoot in the farm and cabin--and I haven't had a pedicure yet this summer. Slathering on this balm, which has coconut, avocado, and sweet almond oil, every night has really helped my dry, cracked feet, but you can use it anywhere. It comes with a handy applicator pad so you don't have to get it on your hands if you don't want to.

Curl Defining Hair Smoother ($7.99)

I'll take any help I can get with my dry, bleached, wavy hair. This smoothing lotion calms down the effects of humidity and keeps me from getting poofy. I gave my bottle to my baby friend, Isla (age one), who has light, frizzy curls, and her mom reports that it’s working like a dream. So, if it's effective on my 26-year-old waves and delicate baby ringlets, that's a pretty good sign.

Eczema Relief Spray ($9.99)

I don't have eczema, and my only friend who does is allergic to coconut, so I didn't get to test this. I wanted to mention it, though, because I'm sure some of you do. It's pretty cool for a drugstore brand to sell an eczema-specific product for only ten bucks. It's also fragrance-, petroleum-, and paraben-free. I might try it out on the hives I get from sweaty summer nights.

Cleansing Wipes ($5.99)

I keep a big bag of wipes in my bedroom, bathroom, and car for everything from makeup removal to wiping my feet. These Yes To Coconut ones (compostable, btw) came with me on a five-hour drive to my home farm and I found them to be more moisturizing than others I've tried. But the Yes To Grapefruit wipes will always be my favorite.

Other products by Yes To Coconuts include shampoo and conditioner (two thumbs up from this dry-haired girl), body wash, hand cream, body scrub, and lip balm. It’s a huge line and I’m pumped to use it all summer. Maybe I’ll turn into a coconut! A girl can dream.

What's your favorite of all the Yes To scents and products? Are you excited for these coconut products to drop?