Quick Question: Would You Wear An xoVain Temporary Tattoo?

Also, should I wear one on my forehead?
Publish date:
March 27, 2013
Quick Question, tattoos, temporary tattoos

YOU GUYS, I FINALLY GOT MY FIRST TATTOO! Just kidding. Maybe I'll get it for my birthday. (April 12th, by the way. That's Glennis's birthday, too--same age and everything! Claire Danes, too! But she doesn't write for xoVain.)

But we DID get a bunch of xoVain temporary tattoos! HOORAY!

I realize temporary tattoos' coolness on adults is questionable, but Madeline and I practically skipped to the ladies' room to put these on. (The coolness of adult skipping--also questionable.) She was so excited, in fact, that she totally wasted one when she didn't press down long enough with the wet paper towel. PATIENCE, MADELINE.

So... Would you wear an xoVain temporary tattoo? Because we're totally gonna to come up with an excuse to send a few out.