14 Winter Solstice Gifts for the Pagan Princess in Your Life

Make ready to take on Old Man Winter and his patriarchy of slush puddles and negative wind chills.

Christmas is fun, but some of my witch friends and I always joke that we end up giving gifts before the Solstice to mark that instead. The irony of carrying out a materialistic tradition in the name of an Earth-conscious holy day is not lost on me, but how connected to the Earth can one little urbanite be?

However, 'tis the season for a little sense of humor and good cheer, and to shower my bb's with some magical products.

Here are 14 witchy gifts for my witchy friends and yours as we get ready to take on Old Man Winter and his patriarchy of slush puddles and negative wind chills.

I don’t know anyone witchy who doesn’t like lighting stuff on fire. I love scattering lighted candles all about my house after cleaning; it’s a small ritual that makes me calm down after actively hunting silly dust rabbits, settling my mind into chill mode, and enjoying the sensory pleasantry of a good candle.

In this case, Aveda’s pre-wrapped A Gift Of Comfort and Light is a tasteful way to get a holiday vibe with 50 hours of warm and focused ginger and spice.

L to R: Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Coffee ($90), Lavanila Rollerball Mini Fragrance Collection ($36)

Why commit to just one scent, especially when your whole vibe changes with the seasons? Lavanila takes care of that with their Mini Rollerball Fragrance Collection. Lavanila’s signature Pure Vanilla scent is the base for six vanilla roll-ons that lend you a unique take with every wear. My personal fav besides Vanilla Coconut is Vanilla Lemon, which also smells like sexy cake, but the kind you get in the Italian Bakery, YUM!

Every winter, Thierry Mugler Fragrances puts out a special-edition men’s scent based around a single note. Last year, I died for A*Men Pure Wood but this year’s Pure Coffee blows it all out of the water. It's so enticing with deep and rich coffee and a creamy but gentle pine finish. If you smelled it at the counter your credit card would rise out of your pocket as if controlled by a Sith Lord and that would be that.

More than one blogger and reviewer has exclaimed Fresh’s lux skin potion Crème Ancienne to be witchcraft. It’s thick to the point of almost being a balm and creates a barrier for skin, which is amazing when you’re treating with actives. However, if I didn’t just move into a place with Kalahari-desert-inspired radiators, I think I would find it incredibly heavy. Luckily for my skin, this stuff keeps out the offensively dry heat, and if I use it to seal in water-based products I wake up with skin as smooth as glass.

Veil Cosmetics Sunset Light is a witchy product if I ever saw one, transforming your daily routine into potions 101. Use as a serum, primer, or diluter/mixing base for just about anything. I’ve been having fun sheering out my Born This Way foundation and playing with my skin and makeup products. Its pink hue brightens up skin universally, and the fact that it’s water-based helps it blend with other products and hydrate beautifully.

If you need a thigh-high-pentagram stocking stuffer for someone, consider this radical Tata Harper trial set.

Each sample product of her flower-based line is packaged adorably in a faux-Polaroid. For just $25, you get to try 12 of the items that make Tata Harper products special — quite a rolodex of floral goodness.

This season, I feel called to lotion that isn’t fruity or flowery, but faint and worn-in like a piece of driftwood. My friend Bart of In Haute Pursuit gifted this Molton Brown lotion me, since he knew I was obsessed with its magical and rare combo of coconut and sandalwood. It smells like a beach witch about to have a bonfire.

Shiffa’s Rose Damascene Cold Pressed Arabian Soap smells like you ripped open a rose and smushed it all over yourself. I don’t even know how it’s possible to smell so precisely like a fresh rose that I get memory blips of funeral. Luckily, I’m able to compartmentalize that and fully indulge in what one probably finds in the meadow at dusk (nothing? or everything?).

Best part: it’s got the mystical addition of an evil eye charm to keep bad intentions at bay while you’re washing up.

Paul Mitchell currently has two dope gift sets that give you real results like magic every time.

I’m already a massive fan of the fattening power of the Lemon Sage line — they never disappoint to bring the volume. I got to try the Awapuhi Wild Ginger Mirrorsmooth line, which is fairly new, and it ended up being such a great frizz-fighter for any weight of hair. The High Gloss Primer was like combining Oribe’s Royal Blowout Spray with Alterna’s Caviar CC Cream: memory, shape, and smoothness for actual days.

These babies are magic wands to give the gift of great face. Though Artis Brushes can feel a bit like using a toothbrush on your face, they give fantastic makeup applications. Most of all, this fat oval #6 brush makes blending foundation a one-step process.

On-the-go the ease: using Fresh’s Sugar Rosé Lip Ritual is YLBB for me, and I don't even need a mirror!

Giving a makeup product should be something really special, and Urban Decay and ByTerry are makeup brands good enough to gift. Touche Velotée, the ByTerry staple, is the wake-up spell you have been waiting for. Just two swipes makes dark circles disappear. On the flipside of that eyelid, UD’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Minor Sin is like a binding spell for eyeshadow. Like their OG potion, shadow doesn’t budge, but this new invocation has a champagne shimmer that makes a great base or even worn alone!

Winter’s worst days are ahead. It’s time to Netflix and chill with fluffy robes and piles of pets. Witches know that today is a day for blessing and preparation, since nature is about to die and be reborn again in the spring as you wait it out.

Photos: Maria Penaloza