A Wintry Bubble Bath To Warm Your Soul

Celebrate National Bubble Bath Day without irritating your winter skin.
Publish date:
January 8, 2015
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Happy National Bubble Bath Day!

I adore a good bath, I do. But if you read my past odes to luxurious bathing, you may notice that bubbles are conspicuously absent. It’s not because I don’t love splashing around rubber ducky style in a tub full of suds. It’s just that I have dry, sensitive skin, and bubbles are usually made from harsh surfactants that irritate and dry out my skin.

But, behold, it’s totally possible to have a bubble bath that actually leaves your skin soft and happy afterwards. Observe.

My secondary quest in creating the bubble bath of a lifetime was to mimic the scent of my (and April’s!) favorite tea: Organic India’s Tulsi Cinnamon Rose. It’s sweet, it’s comforting, it’s sophisticated, and snuggly all at once. I sometimes want to bathe in it. And today, I will.

To get the froth and foam started, I picked up the Rose Jam Bubbleroon from LUSH. I find these solid bubble bars are easier on my skin than liquid bubble baths. Plus, it’s packed with coconut oil and shea butter to counteract any drying action the bubbles produce. And it smells like fresh rose petals with just a wee hint of lemon to keep it from getting granny-ish.

Crumble the solid bar under a running tap to produce piles of yummy smelling pink bubbles.

Next up, for even MORE suds, I add Aura Cacia’s Foam Bath in Sensual Cinnamon and Ylang Ylang. These foaming bath salts are sulfate free, so the gentler foaming agents are less likely to irritate the skin. It also smells divinely indulgent and cozy. Then, just for good measure, I drop in a tablespoon of body oil. I like sesame oil because it’s rich and healing but doesn’t break me out. Have you ever emerged from a bubble bath feeling like you’ve already applied body butter? Because you’re about to.

Finally, I brewed up a cup of my cinnamon rose tea to get the full experience (seriously, the bath and the tea smell exactly the same and they’re both drool-worthy and decadent) and slip into the most skin-nourishing bubble bath I’ve ever had. Ahhh.

  • How will you be celebrating National Bubble Bath Day?
  • What are your favorite skin-friendly bath products?