Why I Use Eye Drops NEAR My Eyes, But Not Necessarily IN Them

After years of not having to pluck my eyebrows because I didn't have any, tweezing them now calls for a creative way to reduce redness. Oh, and it works for zits, too.
Publish date:
March 7, 2013
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I’m obsessed with my eyebrows--have been since high school. My mother never plucked her brows but rather used a double-edged razor blade to shape her brows into an arch. I started doing that around my senior year of high school and would “over-groom” the area whenever I had my little heart hurt by some boy.

The next thing I knew, I had thin eyebrows any flapper would be proud of. Alas, I am not a flapper.

After high school, I took my first few steps into the modeling world and booked a contact lens ad. Boy, was I excited! That is until I was on set and this rather horrible little man, who was the makeup artist, bluntly said to me, “We’re going to shave off your eyebrows.”

I was shocked. I told him he couldn’t possibly be serious.


He was serious.

After I let him shave my eyebrows off for the ad, I started growing them back. But after about two weeks, a good party came up, and rather than go looking like I had two small cactuses growing out of my forehead, I shaved them off again and drew them on. And this kept happening, again and again. Damn irresistible parties!

I got very good at penciling them on, taking cues from silent movie stars and Spock (the Vulcan, not the pediatric author). Also, this was Miami back in the day, and I was a very flamboyant club kid. Sometimes, I’d glue on feathers or rhinestones. It was the ‘90s!

After FIVE YEARS of NO EYEBROWS, I was the lighting director at a club where the DJ booth was suspended 20 feet above the dance floor where no one could see the growth state of my eyebrows. I had a favorite baseball cap and decided to wear it every day until my eyebrows finally grew back, which took six months.

The hair was extremely deep-rooted from all those years of shaving. It’s like the root was trying to run away from the blade and dug itself about two centimeters into my dermis. So, when I pluck, the redness isn’t only on the surface, IT COMES FROM WITHIN. Redness of the SOUL.

Anyway, I’d have to pluck way early before I went out to give the redness a chance to subside, which could be an hour.

Then, I heard from somewhere that redness-reducing eye drops can reduce redness on the skin, too. And guess what: SOMEWHERE WAS RIGHT!

Since I know I have a great redness solution standing by, I use tweezers that can really dig out stubborn hair. My absolute favorite tweezers are the Tweezerman Point, with the precision pointed tip.

I like the Neo FX Eye Drops by Sante, from Japan. They’re minty, and I can feel them working, which I find comforting. Also, good: regular ol’ Visine. It feels a bit oily on the skin, which is weird, as it’s not actually oily. Either way, they work!

After plucking, I apply drops generously to my red areas, and in 10 minutes, POOF! The redness has retreated back into my soul.

Eye drops also work on a zit that’s all red and juicy, too. And, as you may have noticed, I just happen to have a huge zit to prove it to you!

They also work if you’ve been, say, rubbing your nose and it’s red. Dab some eye drops on and you’re back to normal.

And you know what else they work on? Eyes! WTF, right!

Let me know if you give eye drops a try anywhere other than your eyes and if it works for you.