Whipped Butters For Hair And Body That Look Like Actual Butter

No, they don't smell like butter. They smell delicious! And they're affordable. And they REALLY work.
Publish date:
January 13, 2015
coconut oil, shea butter, eye cream, natural skin care, natural hair care, whipped goods

Personally, I love DIY beauty, but not everyone has the time to whip up their own hair and body products. Thanks so to social media, I recently stumbled up on Whipped Goods, a company whose products have the all-natural appeal of DIY, but without the messy cleanup.

Founded by holistic beauty guru Lauren Wiley, Whipped Goods is a Midwestern beauty brand that sells homemade, soufflé-like products for body, skin, and hair.

Every product is made from organic, raw, and unrefined materials that are whipped together, leaving all of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants intact. The butters glide on smoothly, leaving skin and hair soft, smooth, and moisturized--with zero greasy residue. Bottom line: If you are a fan of unrefined shea butter, you will not be disappointed.

And guess what else? The butters look like actual butter.

The first Whipped Goods item I tried was the Cupcake Bikini Butter, which is made with raw cocoa butter, to help even skin, and lemon oil, cancel out those dark spots you get from shaving. Especially since I am a black woman, I have a few dark spots on my bikini area due to razor burns. This product helped lighten them within a few days! But the best part is that it doesn't have a harsh smell like drugstore razor-bump products. It legit smells like cupcakes--so much so that I almost gave it a taste! I'm going to keep using to see if it will continue to fade the dark spots, but so far it's working great.

The Night Time Eye Creme is meant to moisturize and hydrate the eye area with avocado oil, while naturally combating signs of aging with calendula and lemon oil. I applied this at night and loved the minty smell. My skin tends to dry out while I sleep, but I put this on before bedtime and I still felt the hydrating effects around my eye area when I woke up the next morning. In fact, I felt so fresh and awake that I skipped my under-eye concealer.

The Monoï Oil is made with flower-infused coconut oil. Applied to my dry, 4C hair, the lightweight recipe worked wonders in one use. By day seven my hair already felt stronger, with little to no shedding. Seriously...this is a miracle oil for damaged hair. You can also use it on your dry skin; slather it on your elbows, heels, or wherever you're feeling scaly.

I have to say, I was really impressed with the effectiveness of Whipped Goods. Not only do the products smell AMAZING (yet not overbearing to the nose), they're super affordable, and a little goes a long way. Check out this video to learn more about the founder, Lauren Wiley, and get her tips on oil cleansing.

  • What do you think? Does the fact that the products really look like butter creep you out? Or are you like, "GIVE ME ALL OF THE BUTTERS!"
  • What other DIY-type brands do you swear by?