Quick Question: When Did You Get Your First Zit?

And did you take a picture of it for posterity?
Publish date:
July 16, 2013
Quick Question, acne, zits, childhood, birth control

Zits, you guys. Ugh.

I had perpetually broken-out skin in high school. I remember it being far worse than pictures seem to have captured. I went on birth control two years before I lost my virginity (what ever happened to Matt Pietras?) just to get it under control, and it didn't even do that good of a job of making it somewhat bearable until I was in college.

But it was in middle school that I got my first big-ass zit (not to be confused with a big ass zit--no hyphen--which happened a few years later), and it was captured on film:

There it is, right in the middle of my cheek.

No big deal, right? Everyone gets zits in middle school, right? Well, not everyone's last name was Zitner.

I genuinely don't remember freaking out about it until someone started taunting me with the name thing. I was already teased for being a nerd, so mean kids would just add a D to the end of my name, and I'd be ZITNERD. Good times.

So, how about you? Today's QQ: When did you get your first zit? How did you react? Is your last name Pimplestein?