Quick Question: What's Your Shaving Substance Of Choice?

What literally comes between you and your razor?
Publish date:
August 23, 2013
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Having a wide range of options has its pros and cons. It's nice to have choices, but it can be overwhelming. Remember when you got acceptance letters from every college you applied to? Yeah, me neither, but that would be a pretty tough decision to make.

I felt kind of like that the first time I realized that I had options other than shaving cream for shaving my legs. For years, I used either shaving cream that emerged as foam, or gel that turned into foam. But there are shaving oils, crazy shaving dough, razors that don't even need a shaving substance, and, of course, soap or--the more enlightened "oops, I forgot to buy shaving cream" choice, in my opinion--hair conditioner.

Conditioner actually works very nicely, but I don't like wasting hair-prettifying stuff on hair that's getting pared off my body. That's why I like non-foaming shaving creams like Avalon Organics Moisturizing Cream Shave.

It has the texture of a rich, leave-in conditioner, but a formula that makes it ideal for getting a close, moisturizing shave.

I especially like the Aloe Unscented version, because both my skin and taste in fragrances are sensitive. And hey, it's mostly organic if you're into that kinda thing!

Today's Quick Question: What's your shaving substance of choice? Are you a drugstore-brand foam kinda girl? Expensive shaving liniments? Let's hear your recommendations.