Quick Question: What's The Most Sensitive Area You Wax On Your Own?

Me? It's my hairy, hairy heart.
Publish date:
June 28, 2013

I've never been a do-it-myself waxer. If I know far enough in advance that I'm probably going to get laid, I'll schedule a pro wax for what's under my underwear, but I don't think I trust myself with the tools myself. I'm sure I'll burn myself; at the very least, I won't yank hard enough, out of fear, which'll only make it worse.

I won't even wax above my lip--I'm a depilatory kinda gal, but I'm thinking of switching back to old-school bleaching--so the fact that there are people who are confident enough to wax their most sensitive areas themselves both impresses and horrifies me.

What counts as a "sensitive area," you ask? Let's consult the packaging of Completely Bare Salon Quality Face & Other Sensitive Areas Wax Kit, since they're kind of its thing.

"Wax can be used on face, areola, inner bum and other sensitive areas." Whoa--there are sensitive areas that are so much more sensitive than the nipple and butthole that they have to be lumped into a "sensitive areas" etcetera designation? Intriguing.

Maybe I'll finally give it a shot and do some areola waxing, just for kicks. I really want to get that area lasered, but until then, this seems like a step up from tweezing.

How about you? QQ: What's the most sensitive area you wax on your own?