Quick Question: What Would Your Ideal Lip Balm Flavor Be?

Imagine there are no limitations. Foie gras? White bread? VANILLA?!
Publish date:
August 2, 2013
Quick Question, lip balms, Olivina

I doubt I'm the only person who's ridiculously picky about their lip balm flavors--or scents, more accurately. If it's going to be under my nose for hours--and possibly licked--I don't want to hate it. I don't even want it to be merely pleasant. I want it to be one of my favorite smells/tastes.

I've chosen cherry-flavored balms and almond-flavored balms many times, so when I found out that Olivina makes their 2 Lips Lip Butter in a Wild Cherry + Almond flavor, my head damn near exploded. It's a good thing it didn't actually explode, though, because then I'd have no lips left to put it on, and also I'd be dead, which is probably the more significant of those two head-explosion consequences.

This stuff is a DELIGHT to wear. Colorless and not-quite-glossy (Annie just saw it on the back of my hand and said "It would work as a highlighter"), it's perfect to put on first thing when you wake up to moisturize your lips well in advance of any color you'll be applying. And did I mention I'm a fan of the flavor combo?

If you're not a cherry-and-almond kinda gal (more for me!), 2 Lips comes in Cranberry + Orange, Chai Tea (which I just typed as "Chair Tea," and now I want to know what that would smell like), Dark Chocolate + Mint, Apple + Spice, and more and more and more.

But if you had a magic lip balm machine, what flavor would you make? That's your Quick Question, by the way: What would your ideal lip balm flavor be?