What's Your Signature Feature?

And how would you feel if you didn't have it anymore?
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October 28, 2016
moles, signature looks

By the time you read this, something about my face will be a little bit different.

I have almost always considered the mole near my mouth my "signature" physical feature, much in the way that Cindy Crawford's is hers. I've written about and mentioned it numerous times on xoVain and xoJane, and I've long taken for granted that it would always be there when I looked in the mirror. It has even become second nature for me to insert an extra period in my smileys to represent it.

: .)

I don't know if my mole is considered congenital (basically programmed into my skin before I was born) or acquired (sprouting later on), but I first noticed it when I was 8 years old. I had always heard that moles that developed before adulthood are likely to remain healthy and that growth was not a sign of anything ominous, so as it got a bit more prominent over the years, I didn't worry. Over the last couple of years, I haven't loved how big it has gotten (it's not enormous or anything — just wider and more... protuberant than it was?), but I still liked it.

I had inquired with a dermatologist about if it's possible to make it smaller or flatten it without altogether losing the spot, but fear and some weird sense of sentimentality kept me from going through with it.

And then, on Saturday, my mole suddenly started bleeding.

I don't know why it was happening, but it freaked me out. I called Dr. Joshua Zeichner's office on Monday and made an appointment for Friday (known in some circles as "today.")

And then, on Tuesday night, it suddenly started bleeding again while I was in the back of a cab. Bleeding a lot. It was dripping down my face so heavily that I took a picture.

I'm gonna post it now.

This is your chance to scroll past it.

Last chance.

Last-last chance.

I'm writing this before my appointment, but I'm assuming that this sucker will be at least partially removed for the sake of a biopsy today. And obviously, if the biopsy comes back with something bad, I'll probably have to remove it completely, which I might actually cry about.

But if I do have to say goodbye to my little clump of brown skin cells, I'm seriously considering having a pro tattoo a spot there once everything heals. That's how much of a signature feature I feel like it is for me.

And so I asked my fellow xoVainers...

What do you consider your signature feature?

Dan: "I was going to say mole, too, but Marci stole that. I guess my nose, because people always think I've had a nose job, but aha! I haven't. It's just that perfect. Also, no offense if you had a surgery. I am pro-surgery and think all surgeries are COOL."

Wendy: "I would probably have to say my hair, if that counts. It's probably my most complimented feature. Another one is my eyes, which appear to shift slightly in color depending on what I'm wearing (probably an illusion, but even I notice it). They can be icy blue, slate gray or even slightly green."

Rachel: "My sparkling personality. But real talk, mine is probably either my dimples or my bangs, which people have been commenting on literally my entire life! either that or looking vaguely like Blair Waldorf."

Tamara: "Definitely my hair because it's so curly. And also, oddly, my cupid's bow? Like, a lot of random people point out to me that I have a perfect cupid's bow and I think that's a kind of weirdly specific thing to notice, but I'll take it. I mean, I love my lips in general so I agree, I guess?"

Sable: "'Being Asian.' Wait, wait — no. 'Blonde Asian.'"

Hannah L.: "I'm gonna say my eyebrows. When I do them just right, they get compliments and I feel very proud of them, especially after being a bit sensitive about them as a teenager. Also I'm, like, really short, and feel like that's been a defining aspect of my physicality forever. I make up for it by having a very loud voice and excellent diction so I can always be heard."

Kara: "Um... perfect boobs?"

Allison: "My eyebrows for sure! I literally can't picture myself with different brows."

Maricar: "I think my signature feature is my lips. It's weird — I really disliked my lips growing up because they were so full and not pigmented. My mom would even encourage me to purse my lips when I was younger because she thought they were too full. Ever since I discovered the power of lipstick and pretty much any pigmented lip color (the popularity of Angelina Jolie also helped), I love my lips!"

Maura: "'Hey Maura, your hair looks different every time I see you.' - everyone."

Kelly: "Definitely my short hair. I showed my boyfriend pictures of when I had long hair and he said it doesn't even look like me."

Caitlin: "Probably my hair color. Which is giving me an identity crisis because I contemplated going Jessica Jones dark but then like... AM I ME!?"

Tynan: "IDK, being a fucking boy in lipstick. OMG, sorry. What I mean is, ever since CoverGirl signed that boy a week or two ago, I keep getting people saying 'Why wasn't it you?!?!' and my response is always BECAUSE I AM NOT THE ONLY GUY WHO WEARS MAKEUP."

Kristina: "Definitely my eyes. They can freak people out sometimes. I've been told a few times I have cat eyes. People have asked me if they were real. I guess they think they're contacts? And I've straight-up just had people stare into my eyes in a trance basically going, 'Your eyes, they're SO green.' So yeah, my eyes."

Victoria: "I would like to think it's my lips because I really like them, but it's probably my hair, my 'beauty mark' or my chubby cheeks."

Hannah: "My eyes, I guess! Central heterochromia makes them look pretty neat. And I hate my nose and want to fix it (thrice broken) but my friends always say it makes me 'me' so IDK."

Christina: "I feel like I have none, but I asked my boyfriend and without hesitation he said 'your eyes' so I guess it's that."

Lisa: "Is it weird that I have legit no idea? GUYS! DO I NOT HAVE A SIGNATURE FEATURE?!?!?"

I totally think Lisa's signature feature is her freckles, amirite?

So now it's your turn, of course. What's your signature feature? How would you feel if you suddenly didn't have it? And hey, now's as good a time as any to discuss Halloween plans. (Spoiler alert: I'll probably be asking everyone what they went as next week, so remember to take pictures this weekend/Monday!)