Quick Question: What Fragrance Combination Do You Just Not Understand?

Plus, my idea for a great new scented candle.
Publish date:
May 8, 2013
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When I was growing up, I was weirded out by chocolate-covered strawberries. I did not understand why anyone in their right might would combine fruit with chocolate.

I've sinced acquired a taste for such flavor marriages... sort of. I'm still grossed out by certain sweet-and-savory combinations. I only just started liking chocolate-covered pretzels.

And there are apparently a number of scent combinations that a lot of people like but that I just find arbitrary and objectionable.

Like this product, for example--One With Natural Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts in Lavender Tangerine:

I really don't understand the combination of lavender and tangerine. I'm repulsed by anything lavender-scented to begin with, but regardless of that, tangerine doesn't strike me as a good companion for it.

I mean, if someone came up to me as said, "Here, sniff my new blueberry-and-latex-glove-scented candle," I'd say, "OK, sure, that makes more sense than lavender and tangerine."

So how about you? QQ: What fragrance combination do you just not understand?