OPEN THREAD: What Country Does Your Skin Look Best In?

A diet full of pasta, pizza and tiramisu = clear skin for me.
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May 20, 2016
travel, humidity, Italy

Don’t worry, Marci hasn’t been kidnapped. But this very special edition of Open Thread has. The Dan Edition, that is. If you don't know who I am by now, I'm the Managing Editor of xoJane and xoVain. I've written some stuff over on xoJane, but I've waited waaayyyy too long to pen anything here, which is sort of a shame because beauty is one of the things I'm most passionate about. In fact, when I was just in Italy last week, an Italian woman who I had dinner with simply said, "There is no end to beauty," and I plan to make that my life mantra moving forward.

I told Marci I would tell you guys that I sent her to the passport office to finally get her damn passport, which is why I was writing this Open Thread in her stead (she apparently really wants to go to Italy after hearing about my trip). But the truth is, I simply turned to Marci in our collaborative, open workspace and asked to write the OT this week and she was like, “Sh’YEAH! Of course you can. If you write this, I can write the other thing I’ve been trying to write for a month at this point."

Her enthusiasm matched my enthusiasm, which centered around my post-travel high. I had been telling the xoStaff how I'm convinced that my skin behaves differently based on whatever country I am in. And furthermore, because I am Italian (-American) and I just recently got back from Tuscany, my skin was at its most beautiful, glorious self for the last five days.

But it was not just this time. See, I've been to Italy three separate times, and each time I travel there, my skin is supreme. It's as if transporting my body 4,200 miles somehow activates some weird ancestral genes that leave my skin blemish-free and with amazing clarity. Maybe it's the climate, or the water, or both, but something about Italy and my skin agree.

Because I try to spend every free moment I get traveling, I feel like I've experienced the opposite of this as well throughout all my gallivanting around the world. It's truly fascinating to me how water and climate, and especially humidity, can drastically affect my skin, basically overnight.

For example, anytime I travel to L.A., the harsh water (they have more minerals in their water, I've learned) and overall desert dryness really screws me up. I lose all the dewiness in my skin pretty much as I deplane.

The opposite thing happens to me in Miami, or any tropical climate, really, if I put even an ounce of moisturizer on my face, I look like a greasy rice ball (btw, I love eating rice balls) no matter how many blotting papers or mattifying products I put on.

Side note: we had an incredible meal prepared by three badass Tuscan chefs in our Airbnb villa (yes, villa!) and maybe my updated diet had something to do with how great my skin was looking?

  • So, have you noticed your skin looks good in a particular locale?
  • Where would you move for the sake of beautiful skin?
  • Where would you never visit again because it wreaked total havoc on your pores that one time?

Photos 1, 2 & 4: Andrea Frazzetta